Slovenia decides tonight

Also Slovenia will select a song tonight. The show will start at 20:00 CET and you can watch it here. Out of 12 songs, two will be chosen by an expert jury. The final decision out of these two will be made by the Slovenian televoter. The show will be hosted by Klemen Slakonja. The contestants are: 

  • Simon Vadnjal, “Nisi sam”
  • Saška, “Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh”
  • Gaja Prestor, “Verjamem vase”
  • Ana Soklič, “Voda”
  • Inmate, “The salt”
  • Manca Berlec, “Večnost”
  • Tinkara Kovač, “Forever”
  • Božidar Wolfand Wolf, “Maybe someday”
  • Parvani Violet, “Cupid”
  • Klara Jazbec, “Stop the world”
  • Imset, “Femme fatale”
  • Lina Kuduzović, “Man like U”

Ana Soklič took part in the 2007 national final as a member of the Diona Dim Team.  Inmate took part last year. Lina Kuduzović represented Slovenia in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Božidar Wolfand Wolf participated in the 1986 Yugoslav national final. Tinkara Kovač could be found on the Eurovision Stage in 2014 with the song “Round and round”. This is the 5th time she participates in EMA.


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