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The second semifinal

photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett The hosts Petra Mede and Malin Åkerman open the show with their own version of “Tattoo.” Malta In the Maltese act by Sarah Bonnici, there is a lot of movement and dancing. Later during the act, she is blindfolded, as are her dancers. Despite so much movement, Sarah manages to sing remarkably well. Albania Besa wears a turquoise gown with gemstones. The stage also includes several dancers, which might make it look a bit messy. However, many dancers are projected onto LED screens. Besa’s voice sounds a bit sharp here and there. Greece First, we see her purple boots, then the whole Marina Satti. She is also flanked by four dancers, but it looks much more organized. Greece has chosen a sophisticated entry not meant for casual listeners. A lot happens during this entry. Marina continues to sing well. Switzerland Nemo takes the viewer into his story with the song “The Code,” managing to crack the (binary) code. Their clothing says it all. Nemo has so far managed to enhance their narrative through fashion statements. Nemo jumps, skips, shows himself to be a balancing artist… and continues to sing crystal clear. We do not know if this is a winner, but we definitely respect their skills. Czechia You would expect Aiko to be standing on a pedestal during her performance. That’s not the case, but we find that the ceiling (one of the cubes) is very low. Aiko has four… Her nipples are no longer visible. Pay particular attention to the high note that Aiko effortlessly hits. Aiko surprises! During the first semifinal, Nicole (from Hugo) received a tribute, and in this semifinal, Jahn Teigen (ESC 1978, 1982, 1983) is honored. We are treated to a journey through Eurovision history with several participants who did not finish very high. France Slimane, dressed in white, starts singing while lying down, then sits up. Everything is shot in close-up, which makes the song even more intimate. Slimane pulls out all the stops in terms of his singing ability. The song has its distinct fans, but others are completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Austria It’s interesting to put someone on stage who has held various other roles at the contest. Singing is clearly not Kaleen’s strongest suit. Regardless of how enjoyable the song may be found, the singing is forgotten in Austria. However, the act looks absolutely tight, and Kaleen knows very well what she is doing in terms of dance. Denmark It seems like you only see a singer sprinkling some sand and singing her song. However, we also see a second Saba in the background… A hologram, as it turns out, because at one point she disintegrates into sand. Occasionally, Saba tends to sing too loud, which makes the whole thing seem a bit shouty. Armenia Cheerfulness all over, garnished with typical Armenian sounds. Singer Jaklin Baghdasarian of Ladaniva plays a leading role throughout the act. The other band members and backing band stand behind her, but at one point, the flutist also comes forward. We see all sorts of things in the background: trumpets, chickens, and the artists themselves. Latvia Looking at his Instagram account, he is very cheerful and humorous: the Latvian Dons. But seeing him standing there in his sleeveless leather outfit amid a circle, and hearing his very serious ballad, we notice little of that. There is nothing wrong with this song, but that might also be the problem. Spain Both the singer and the dancers are dressed in black. The singing isn’t fantastic, but Nebulossa certainly knows how to throw a party in the hall. And of course, halfway through the act, the dancers strip off their clothes and continue dancing with bare chests and buttocks. At the end, a keyhole appears behind the singer Mery. The Spaniards really throw a party. San Marino We stick with the Spanish language, as San Marino sends the Spanish group Megara. Singer Kenzy Loevett is briefly flanked by two dancers in scary Easter bunny suits. Everything is pink and black in this act. It’s all rock, and the group tries to match the scariness of Bambie Thug, but it remains rather tame for a horror show. Georgia Nutsa Buzaladze is dressed in gold and stands in a circle of fire, which at one moment looks like a sun, the next a burning hoop. Nutsa is flanked by four dancers, and gives her all in terms of singing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. For Georgia, it’s definitely not a done deal. Belgium We had already seen photos of Mustii amid a circle of microphones, but he starts alone on stage. He then stands on a rotating platform. Later, he goes into this circle. Mustii is dressed in white. The singing we hear here is very cautious, with Mustii consciously staying below the high notes. He did not, as we previously reported, take his shirt off. But towards the end, we see the whole hall going wild with the Belgian entry! Estonia 5miinust and Puuluup are having a party on stage. The title of the song is, as previously mentioned, the longest ever. Whether the party really come across with all the “hey hey hey” is still a question. Possibly a finalist position for Estonia, but that is by no means certain. Italy Angelina Mango starts lying down, with roses projected under her. She has a sort of henna-like print depicted. This print also continues with the dancers. There are so many prints all over. There are so many details that you occasionally don’t see Angelina and her dancers at all. The singing is fine where it concerns Angelina. She ends a cappella. That takes skilsl, and Angelina has them. Italy will finish high, but perhaps not win. Israel The Israeli entry is the only ballad in this latter stage of the second semifinal. Just before she starts singing, Eden Golan leans back in a circle with lights. Five dancers flank her,

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Malmö Messages:the Big 5 and Sweden

Malmö Messages: A draw among the Big 5 and Sweden

The big five and Sweden had their second rehearsal today. However, there is more happening: the draw also took place to decide in which part of the show the participants will perform. There is a change happening: half of the countries will draw a ‘producers choice‘. They can be placed anywhere. United Kingdom He might have called it the most homosexual act ever. Olly Alexander has four dancers around him, who seem to be dancing around each other somewhat combatively. The men have bare torsos, except for Olly’s torn shirt. Whether it is indeed the most homosexual act ever or not? No idea, but not much is left to the imagination. He seems to be rising in the bookmakers’ ratings, where he is now in tenth place. Olly Alexander drew the first half of the final. Germany Little has changed since last time for Germany. The act was already so well-defined that there is little left to change. The singing is important in the German entry. But whether Isaak makes enough of an impression to break Germany’s negative streak remains to be seen. The bookmakers give him a 23rd place. Isaak drew in the first half of the final. Sweden The Swedes are number three in line to create a full music video of their performance. It is exactly the same performance as during Melodifestivalen. We see Marcus and Martinus everywhere and nowhere. This afternoon in the press center, someone enthusiastically told of having done five interviews with them. We already knew that Sweden will open the final. France Less is more, the French must have thought. Slimane stands alone on the stage in white clothing while singing his “Mon amour”. He stands, sits, and lies down while singing. The a cappella part makes a deep impression. The bookmakers currently predict just shy of a top-5 spot, placing him sixth. France will perform in the second half of the final. Spain With a lot of gold in the background, a red sofa, and the two members of Nebulossa in black clothing, the act is complete. The lyrics of “Zorra” caused a lot of controversy, but the Spanish audience enthusiastically roars along with the song. The bookmakers have no faith in it. They rank the song in 24th place. Nebulossa drew producers’ choice this afternoon. Italy Fortunately, not everything remains exactly the same as during the previous rehearsal. Angelina Mango has a different dress: a black one, with much fewer flowers on it. That makes the overall busy impression during the performance a bit less intense. “La Noia” is currently fourth with the bookmakers. Angelina Mango drew producers’ choice. As mentioned, except for Italy, there are few changes. The big five and Sweden will be heard and seen for the first time during the semifinals, so there are equal opportunities for everyone. We think: abolish the big five if they really want equal chances. But then, who are we…

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Malmö Messages: The Big Five plus Sweden

We haven’t heard from the big five plus Sweden yet. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the host Sweden automatically qualify for the final. They had their rehearsal tonight. The United Kingdom was the first to rehearse. If you think you have ended up in the locker room of a boxing match; this is still the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Olly Alexander is wearing red pants and a white shirt. His hands are taped up. Around him are a number of dancers in red shorts and with bare chests. According to, the camera moves in such a way that it seems as if the room is spinning. It could make you “Dizzy”. Isaak, representing Germany, appears to be in a very luxurious living room while singing his song “Always on the run”. We see a fire pit, lots of flames, and the cube coming down again. Isaak himself is dressed in black and is flanked by four backup singers; live singing matters here too. Marcus and Martinus are performing “Unforgettable” for Sweden. And as usual, the Swedes have the exact same act on stage as they did during Melodifestivalen. The twins are dressed in blue and black. On the LED screens behind them, and on the cube above them, many colors and patterns are visible. Occasionally, the title of the song also appears. The act is the same, but huge. The contestant for France, Slimane, is dressed in white during his “Mon amour”. He starts lying down and sings the first part of the song on his knees. Later, he stands behind the microphone and steps away from it to sing the last piece a cappella. The smoke machine does its job. The Spanish duo Nebulossa rehearsed next. Their song “Zorra” starts from the cube, which is now not hanging but has come all the way down. Mery is wearing pants with wide legs and a blouse with large puff sleeves. The red sofa, which Mery also was standing on during the national final, has come along to Malmö. There is smoke on the floor throughout the performance. Angelina Mango will perform for Italy in a red dress. On her arms and legs, we see some sort of plant images. The four dancers emerge from four large cubes to lift Angelina. She stands among them in front of a large throne made of branches. The whole scene is set against a backdrop of a sort of forest with bare trees. In short, there will be much to see during “La Noia.”

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🇸🇲 Road To Malmö: San Marino

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: San Marino Megara Megara is an alternative metal band from Madrid, Spain, that started making music together in 2015. The group has four members: Kenzy sings, Rober plays guitar, Vitti rocks the bass, and Ra Tache keeps the beat on drums. They’re known for playing a unique kind of music they call “fucksia rock” or “fucksia metal,” which is all about mixing different musical styles into their own special blend. They kicked off with their first EP, Muérase quien pueda, in 2015, and kept the hits coming with albums like Siete in 2016 and Aquí estamos todos locos in 2018. They even played at the big Resurrection Fest in 2019! Their latest album, Truco o trato, came out in 2022. In 2023, they tried to represent Spain at Eurovision with their song “Arcadia” but didn’t make it, even though they got to the final of Benidorm Fest. They also got to open for Babymetal in Spain, which is pretty awesome. The band did not give up. They tried for Eurovision again in 2024 with “11:11” and, after not making it in Spain, got picked to represent San Marino!  Una Voce Per San Marino A total of 126 (!!!) songs competed in the San Marinese national final Una Voce Per San Marino. In 5 long semifinals, half of the 16 finalists were chosen. In another competition, the San Marino Sessions, an extra song was chosen. The songs in this competition were al written by AI. The winner, Dana Gillespie with her song “The last polar bear”, reached a 7th place in the final. Eight established artists also competed in the final. Among them Jalisse, who represented Italy in the 1997 contest, and Loredana Berté. The latter was the favourite to win the competition. However, she did not. She ended up in 2nd place behind Megara. San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest The country debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with the Italian group Miodio. San Marino often (not always!) selects artists from other countries. Even American rapper Flo Rida represented the country. There are also many artists who take part for the country more than once, like Senhit, Valentina Monetta and Serhat. With a 19th place in the final, Serhat was the best scoring artist for San Marino so far with his song “Say Na Na Na”. Serhat, photo: EBU/Thomas Hanses The Bookmakers The odds for winning the Eurovision Song Contest are currently not too positive about Megara: they give them a last place. In the odds to make it to the final, the country has a 13th place. A job has to be done by Megara to convince the jury and televoter and prove the odds to be wrong. The Song And this is the song:  

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🇪🇸 Road To Malmö: Spain

photo: EBU We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: Spain. Nebulossa Nebulossa is a lively electropop duo from Ondara, Spain, made up of singer María “Mery” Bas and keyboardist Mark Dasousa. They started making music together in 2018 after bumping into each other in an elevator, which shows sometimes amazing things happen by chance! Their name, Nebulossa, comes from their fascination with nebulae and also nods to the Valencian language with its unique spelling. They first caught everyone’s attention with their EP “Ufo” in 2019 and have been dazzling us with hit songs like “La Colmena” and “Océano de Palabras” since then. By 2021, they were really making waves with their album “Poliédrica de mí.” They even grew to a trio when Ophelia Alibrando joined in 2022, and tried to represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although they didn’t make it that year, their spirit never faded. In 2024, they took Benidorm Fest by storm with their song “Zorra,” winning their way to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Benidorm Fest Since 2022, the Spanish entry is chosen via Benidorm Fest. There has been a contest in Benidorm in the past, from 1958 to 2007, but it has never been the national final for Eurovision. How different that was with the return of Benidorm Fest in 2022!Two semifinals with eight songs each and a final, also with eight songs, made up the contest. The songs were chosen by an expert jury, a demoscopic jury and televoters. While the expert jury prefered St. Pedro, the other two chose Nebulossa. In the end, the latter won the contest. Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest It was Conchita Bautista who brought Spain to Eurovision in 1961 with her song “Estando contigo”. The song “Zorra” is the 63rd Spanish entry. Two times in a row a victory was there: in 1968 Massiel got the trophy with her song “La la la” and a year later, Salomé did the job with her “Vivo cantando”. In the years, Spain didn’t win anymore but came close to it. “Eres tu” by Mocedades was 2nd in 1973 and became a Eurovision classic. It was until the very last moment in 1979 that Betty Missiego could be the winner with her “Su canción”. In recent years, Spain was 3rd in the contest with Chanel’s “SloMo”. Salomé wearing a porcelain dress The Bookmakers Spain is placed directly in the final. That means there are no betting odds for any semifinal. Currently, Spain is 23rd in the odds to win the contest. However, that might change completely when the rehearsals start. The song And this is the song: 

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© EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts MembersKenzyRoberVittiRa Tache Founded2015 Nationality🇪🇸 Spanish National SelectionUna Voce Per San Marino 2024Benidorm Fest 2023 In Eurovision2024 Malmö Song11:11 (2024) Biography Megara, an alternative metal music ensemble from Spain, was established in 2015. Comprised of members Kenzy on vocals, Rober on guitar, Vitti on bass, and Ra Tache on drums, this Madrid-based quartet has made a name for itself in the music scene. Identified primarily within the alternative metal genre, Megara’s sound also embraces what they term as “fucksia rock” or “fucksia metal.” This inventive label, blending the words “fuck” and “fuchsia,” signifies their desire to incorporate a broad range of musical influences without being confined to a single genre, aiming instead to embody the broader spectrum of rock music. The band’s journey began with the release of their debut EP, Muérase quien pueda, in 2015, featuring notable tracks like “Seis” and “Baños de sangre.” This was followed by their first full-length album, Siete, in 2016, and their second album, Aquí estamos todos locos, in 2018. Their rising prominence led to a performance at Resurrection Fest in 2019. Their third studio album, Truco o trato, was released in 2022. In the early part of 2023, Megara competed in the Benidorm Fest 2023’s first semifinal, earning 111 points with their song “Arcadia” and securing a spot in the final. Despite not being chosen to represent Spain at Eurovision, their participation sparked discussions, especially due to some staging similarities between their performance and that of Serbia’s Eurovision entry. April of the same year saw them announced as the opening act for Babymetal’s Spanish tour dates. Attempting another shot at Benidorm Fest in 2024 with the track “11:11,” they faced rejection from the selection committee. However, not deterred, they entered the song into San Marino’s selection for Eurovision, Una voce per San Marino. With minor lyrical adjustments to include Italian verses, they managed to impress the jury in the final, leading to their selection as San Marino’s representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Unfortunately, the band didn’t make it to the Grand Final of the contest. Entries 11:11 Country🇸🇲 San Marino Year2024 LanguageSpanish LyricsRoberto la Lueta RuizSara Jiménez Moral MusicRoberto la Lueta RuizSara Jiménez Moral DancersAria BedmarEmma Fernández Huerta Results Semi Points: 16Position: 14Running order: 10 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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🇸🇲 Megara represents San Marino!

Spanish Megara has won Una Voce Per San Marino and thus represents the small state in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song “11:11” is written and composed by Isra Dante Ramos Solomando, Roberto la Lueta Ruiz and Sara Jiménez Moral. San Marino will perform in the 2nd half of the 2nd semifinal. The full results are: Megara, “11:11” Loredana Bertè, “Pazza” La Rua, “Governo del cuore” Aimie Atkinson, “A dare for love” Booom!, “Dance like this” Marcella Bella, “Chi siamo davvero” Dana Gillespie, “The last polar bear” XGiove, “Nostalgia” Mate, “Big mama” Jalisse, “Il paradiso di qui” Massala & Foresta, “Paranoia” Daudia, “With you” Aaron Sibley, “Human” Wlady, DJ Jad, Corona & Ice MC, “Questa volta” Kida, “Invincible” Dez, “Freedom” Pago, “Il protagonista”

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© EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts MembersMery BasMark Dasousa Founded2018 Nationality🇪🇸 Spanish National SelectionBenidorm Fest 2024Una Voce Per San Marino 2022 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongZorra (2024) Biography Nebulossa is an electropop duo hailing from Ondara, Spain, consisting of vocalist María “Mery” Bas, born in 1968, and keyboardist and producer Mark Dasousa, born in 1974. The formation of Nebulossa was a fact in 2018. The duo’s name, inspired by nebulae, came about after a visit to an astronomical observatory during a trip to Port Ainé where nebulae were a frequent topic of discussion. The spelling of their name with a double “s” pays homage to the Valencian language, distinguishing it despite the standard spelling with a single “s” in the language. Nebulossa’s discography is a testament to their evolving sound and artistic expression, beginning with their debut EP “Ufo” in 2019, followed by a series of singles that showcase their versatility and lyrical depth. In 2020, they released “La Colmena,” “Océano de Palabras,” “Armada Roja,” “Alud de Inconformismo,” and “Anoche.” The year 2021 saw the release of “Glam” and their studio album “Poliédrica de mí,” marking a milestone in their career. Their journey in music saw a notable moment in 2022 when they expanded to a trio with the addition of Ophelia Alibrando. That year, they ventured into the international music scene by participating in Una voce per San Marino, aiming for a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest representing San Marino. However, they did not advance to the final. Their creative output continued in 2022 with singles “1N84,” “Conectados,” and “Histeria De Lo Nuestro.” In 2023, they added “Me Pones a Mil,” “Cuando Te Veo,” “Me Ha Dado Porno,” and “Zorra” to their repertoire Nebulossa made a significant impact at Benidorm Fest 2024, the Spanish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Their entry, “Zorra,” won them first place in their semifinal on January 30, 2024, and they went on to win the final, securing their place in the competition. In the Grand Final, they reached a 22nd place. Entries Zorra Country🇪🇸 Spain Year2024 LanguageSpanish LyricsMery BasMark Dasousa MusicMery BasMark Dasousa BackingsAna VillaMark Dasousa DancersCésar FerrioIosu Martinez Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 30Position: 22Running order: 8

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🇪🇸 Spain: Benidorm Fest comes to an end

Tonight we will know the winner of Benidorm Fest 2024. Out of eight finalists, one will be chosen to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. The show starts at 22.00 CET and you can watch it here. The show will be hosted by Ruth Lorenzo, Marc Calderó and Ana Prada. The winner will be decided by 50% jury, 25% demoscopic jury and 25% televote. Here are the songs: nr. Title Artist (s)   1 Remitente María Peláe 2 Dos extraños (cuarteto de cuerda) St. Pedro 3 Sé Quién soy Angy Fernández 4 Caliente Jorge González 5 Zorra Nebulossa 6 Here to stay Sofia Coll 7 Bla bla bla Miss Cafeina 8 Brillos platino Almácor   Jorge González took part in the Spanish national selection in 2009 (3rd) and 2014 (3rd). 

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