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The Netherlands

Eurovision 2024: Facts and rumors.

Last week was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It looks like this 68th edition will go down as one of the most controversial to date.What has happened, and what is still happening? Eurovision 2024: Facts and rumours:   Participation Israel Fact Friction already starts to arise in February 2024.Israel’s submitted song, “October Rain,” is not approved. At first they refused to change the song, until the President of Israel, Yitzhak Herzog, interfered; the song is adapted, and the title is changed (to “Hurricane”).Israel will once again participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, despite protests from many participating countries. Rumor There has been speculation until the first semi-final that Israel will withdraw at the last minute, which, as we all know, did not happen.   Disqualification The Netherlands Fact On Friday morning, May 10, it becomes clear that Joost Klein, representing the Netherlands, is not allowed to rehearse at the very last minute. The EBU then announced that an incident had occurred with an employee of a camera crew. Then it remains quiet for almost 24 hours. Joost is not allowed to participate in the jury final on Friday evening, the recording from the 2nd semi-final will be used. Just before the family show starts, on Saturday afternoon, it is announced that the Netherlands will be disqualified. The matter is transferred from the police to the prosecution. The case is expected to be heard in June. After a long silence, Joost announced this week that “he is very sad”, and agrees that he would have pushed the camera, but denies that he touched or threatened the person in question. Rumor Immediately after the incident, pushing the camera/phone away, Joost Klein apologized. From that moment on, the camerawoman in question refused any form of conversation, although she was asked to do so. European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Facts During and after the Festival, the EBU received a lot of criticism, and several complaints were filed: As mentioned earlier: the participation of Israel. Refusing to display flags in the hall, other than those of the participating countries. For example, the European Union and non-binary flags were banned. The booing in the hall was filtered out, and an audio tape of cheering could be heard on TV. The Spanish, Dutch, Irish and Greek delegations have filed official complaints about the behavior of the Israeli delegation ánd the Israelian press. Nothing has been done with these complaints. Joost Klein (The Netherlands) was disqualified, without it being clear what exactly happened. After the festival, several artists opened up about the intimidating and hostile atmosphere behind the scenes. Various broadcasters from participating countries have requested clarification through a so-called “open letter” to the EBU. Rumors Since there was an incident involving a camerawoman, you would think that there should be camera footage. These could be deliberately withheld. Money talks; Since Moroccon Oil, the main sponsor is from Israel, the EBU does not dare to take action against the misconduct of the Israeli delegation and press. The Dutch artist Joost Klein was sacrificed to turn the attention away from the Israeli delegation.      It is sad that the victory of Switzerland’s Nemo has been overshadowed by all the commotion. The calls for the resignation of the incumbent board of the EBU in general, and of its chairman Martin Österdahl, are becoming louder and louder.Will the EBU take a good look in the mirror and take its responsibility? To be continued…..                  

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Malmö Messages: Nothing clear about Joost Klein

Still, everything is uncertain about the fate of Joost Klein. The Swedish police have completed their investigation into Klein. There is a complaint about Joost Klein; he is said to have threatened a Eurovision television employee. Witnesses and Joost himself have already been interviewed. The conclusions of the investigation will be handed over to the public prosecutor’s office. They will make a decision within a few weeks. However, decisions must also be made about tonight’s broadcast. Currently, there are talks between Dutch broadcasting Corporations NPO and Avrotros, and EBU. Meanwhile, the Rest Of The World voting, which was supposed to have started, did not start yet.  In short: nothing is clear yet. We will keep you updated.

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🇳🇱 Malmö Messages: Joost Klein did not rehearse

photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett During the first dress rehearsal this afternoon, the Dutch entrant Joost Klein did not perform. He was present during the opening. After Luxembourg performed, Joost’s keyboard was brought on stage…. and brought off. Instead, the Israeli contestant Eden Golan, who is 6th in line right after Joost, performed. The EBU released a statement: We are currently investigating an incident that was reported to us involving the Dutch artist. He will not be rehearsing until further notice. We have no further comment at this time and will update in due course. No decision seems to have been made yet. Footage of Joost of last evening’s semifinal was shown during the rehearsal.

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Malmö Messages: And we are complete!

photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett With the ten finalists from the 2nd semifinal, we are complete. All the finalists are known. The 10 countries getting through to the Grand Final tonight are: Latvia Austria Netherlands Norway Israel Greece Estonia Switzerland Georgia Armenia

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The second semifinal

photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett The hosts Petra Mede and Malin Åkerman open the show with their own version of “Tattoo.” Malta In the Maltese act by Sarah Bonnici, there is a lot of movement and dancing. Later during the act, she is blindfolded, as are her dancers. Despite so much movement, Sarah manages to sing remarkably well. Albania Besa wears a turquoise gown with gemstones. The stage also includes several dancers, which might make it look a bit messy. However, many dancers are projected onto LED screens. Besa’s voice sounds a bit sharp here and there. Greece First, we see her purple boots, then the whole Marina Satti. She is also flanked by four dancers, but it looks much more organized. Greece has chosen a sophisticated entry not meant for casual listeners. A lot happens during this entry. Marina continues to sing well. Switzerland Nemo takes the viewer into his story with the song “The Code,” managing to crack the (binary) code. Their clothing says it all. Nemo has so far managed to enhance their narrative through fashion statements. Nemo jumps, skips, shows himself to be a balancing artist… and continues to sing crystal clear. We do not know if this is a winner, but we definitely respect their skills. Czechia You would expect Aiko to be standing on a pedestal during her performance. That’s not the case, but we find that the ceiling (one of the cubes) is very low. Aiko has four… Her nipples are no longer visible. Pay particular attention to the high note that Aiko effortlessly hits. Aiko surprises! During the first semifinal, Nicole (from Hugo) received a tribute, and in this semifinal, Jahn Teigen (ESC 1978, 1982, 1983) is honored. We are treated to a journey through Eurovision history with several participants who did not finish very high. France Slimane, dressed in white, starts singing while lying down, then sits up. Everything is shot in close-up, which makes the song even more intimate. Slimane pulls out all the stops in terms of his singing ability. The song has its distinct fans, but others are completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Austria It’s interesting to put someone on stage who has held various other roles at the contest. Singing is clearly not Kaleen’s strongest suit. Regardless of how enjoyable the song may be found, the singing is forgotten in Austria. However, the act looks absolutely tight, and Kaleen knows very well what she is doing in terms of dance. Denmark It seems like you only see a singer sprinkling some sand and singing her song. However, we also see a second Saba in the background… A hologram, as it turns out, because at one point she disintegrates into sand. Occasionally, Saba tends to sing too loud, which makes the whole thing seem a bit shouty. Armenia Cheerfulness all over, garnished with typical Armenian sounds. Singer Jaklin Baghdasarian of Ladaniva plays a leading role throughout the act. The other band members and backing band stand behind her, but at one point, the flutist also comes forward. We see all sorts of things in the background: trumpets, chickens, and the artists themselves. Latvia Looking at his Instagram account, he is very cheerful and humorous: the Latvian Dons. But seeing him standing there in his sleeveless leather outfit amid a circle, and hearing his very serious ballad, we notice little of that. There is nothing wrong with this song, but that might also be the problem. Spain Both the singer and the dancers are dressed in black. The singing isn’t fantastic, but Nebulossa certainly knows how to throw a party in the hall. And of course, halfway through the act, the dancers strip off their clothes and continue dancing with bare chests and buttocks. At the end, a keyhole appears behind the singer Mery. The Spaniards really throw a party. San Marino We stick with the Spanish language, as San Marino sends the Spanish group Megara. Singer Kenzy Loevett is briefly flanked by two dancers in scary Easter bunny suits. Everything is pink and black in this act. It’s all rock, and the group tries to match the scariness of Bambie Thug, but it remains rather tame for a horror show. Georgia Nutsa Buzaladze is dressed in gold and stands in a circle of fire, which at one moment looks like a sun, the next a burning hoop. Nutsa is flanked by four dancers, and gives her all in terms of singing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. For Georgia, it’s definitely not a done deal. Belgium We had already seen photos of Mustii amid a circle of microphones, but he starts alone on stage. He then stands on a rotating platform. Later, he goes into this circle. Mustii is dressed in white. The singing we hear here is very cautious, with Mustii consciously staying below the high notes. He did not, as we previously reported, take his shirt off. But towards the end, we see the whole hall going wild with the Belgian entry! Estonia 5miinust and Puuluup are having a party on stage. The title of the song is, as previously mentioned, the longest ever. Whether the party really come across with all the “hey hey hey” is still a question. Possibly a finalist position for Estonia, but that is by no means certain. Italy Angelina Mango starts lying down, with roses projected under her. She has a sort of henna-like print depicted. This print also continues with the dancers. There are so many prints all over. There are so many details that you occasionally don’t see Angelina and her dancers at all. The singing is fine where it concerns Angelina. She ends a cappella. That takes skilsl, and Angelina has them. Italy will finish high, but perhaps not win. Israel The Israeli entry is the only ballad in this latter stage of the second semifinal. Just before she starts singing, Eden Golan leans back in a circle with lights. Five dancers flank her,

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Malmö Messages: From Norwegian mystique to Joosts mystery

The Norwegian group Gåte also had their second rehearsal this afternoon. The posted photos underline again what we have already seen from this band. In an environment that would not be out of place in a book by Stephen King or Thomas Olde Heuvelt (read his Hex, it fits perfectly), singer Gunnhild Sundli is performing the song Ulveham. The band members are a short distance away. Currently, the Norwegians are 11th with the bookmakers. And finally, for the Netherlands, Joost Klein. Even at the previous rehearsal, the rumor mill was churning: this would not be it. Influencer Appie Mussa is still in his bird suit, but those who look closely at today’s photos cannot miss it: they emit none of the energy we know from Joost, and certainly not what fits with “Europapa.” There should not be much deviation from the final act anymore. But that Joost is not showing his true intentions to the public will surprise no one. Currently, Joost is 5th with the bookmakers.  

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Malmö Messages:

The longest title ever comes from Estonia: “(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”. The performing group is 5miinust & Puuluup. The band members are dressed in black. They play their song under the cubes that are visible in various entries. These cubes change color, similar to what happens on the LED screens behind them. The entry from Israel is “Hurricane,” sung by Eden Golan. Like her Latvian counterpart, Eden also stands in a circle, but a smaller one. It is neon-lit. Inside the circle, there is a wind machine and ladders. Eden is flanked by a group of five dancers. Eden wears a white dress while her dancers are dressed in gray. Norway sings in Norwegian for the first time since 2006. The group Gåte will perform the song “Ulveham.” Singer Gunnhild Sunli stands on a rotating platform among rocks and trees, as if she is by a cave. The graphics are adjusted accordingly. She wears dark green wide pants with a matching top while singing the song. At the end of the performance, one of the guitarists throws his guitar into the air and then catches it again. Joost, representing The Netherlands with his song “Europapa”, wears his iconic blue suit, flanked by two dancers in tracksuits. This seems to be a nod to the gabber scene of the 1990s. Behind a kind of keyboard stands influencer Appie Mussa in a blue and yellow bird costume. Fellow influencer Stuntkabouter also stands behind a small keyboard, but in a ‘regular’ blue suit. The lyrics are projected on the LED screens. The people from especially praise the boundless energy that emanates from this performance.Yesterday, Joost said about showing snippets of the rehearsals: “Why would you do that? You don’t do that for a magician as well”. We got the idea that we don’t know everything about the Dutch act yet….

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🇳🇱 Joost Klein: There’s no Eurovision simulator yet

At Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam, our reporter Kal managed to talk to Joost Klein. He will represent The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. Kal and Joost were talking about Fortnite, a Eurovision simulator and about Joost’s friends. Joost also mentions his favourite part of the song, and they talk about Käärijä. Enjoy the video!

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In the Spotligh Joost Klein dream big

🇳🇱 Road To Malmö: The Netherlands

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: The Netherlands. Joost Klein Joost Klein, known simply as Joost, is a versatile Dutch musician, writer, and former YouTuber born on November 10, 1997, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Growing up in Britsum, he faced early hardships, losing both parents during his school years. Joost first gained attention through his YouTube channel, EenhoornJoost, launched at the age of 10. Joost’s music career accelerated with his single “Bitches,” which quickly amassed a million views. He briefly signed with the label Top Notch, but soon established his own label, releasing his influential album “Albino” in 2019. His mixtape “Scandinavian Boy” and collaborations like “M van Marketing” with Donnie have further cemented his reputation in the music industry. In 2020, he released “Joost Klein 7,” featuring international artists like Canadian rapper bbno$. His album, “Fryslân,” reflects deep personal themes and includes collaborations with diverse artists. Joost continues to make significant strides in music, evidenced by his hit “Friesenjung” in Germany. Joost was chosen to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the song “Europapa.”  Friesland Joost Klein is from Friesland and is proud to show that; we learned that from a.o. his song “Friesenjung”. Friesland is a special province in the northern part of the Netherlands, known for its unique culture and language. The people there speak Frisian, which is one of the oldest languages in Europe, alongside Dutch. Friesland is famous for its beautiful landscapes, including vast lakes, canals, and green pastures, making it a great place for boating, skating, and cycling. The capital of Friesland is Leeuwarden, a city rich in history with lovely old buildings and canals. Friesland is also known for the Elfstedentocht, a famous long-distance skating event that takes place on the frozen canals connecting eleven historical cities, but only when the ice is thick enough. This province has a strong sense of identity and pride in its heritage, evident in its festivals, traditional sports like Frisian handball, and horse breeding, especially the black Friesian horse, known worldwide for its beauty and grace. The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest The very first Eurovision song ever, the opening song in the 1956 contest, was a Dutch one: Jetty Paerl‘s “De vogels van Holland”. Only one year later, Corry Brokken took the trophy to the Netherlands with her “Net als toen”. In 1959, it was Teddy Scholten who won the contest with “Een beetje”. Lenny Kuhr was one of the four winners of 1969 with her “Troubadour”, while Teach In won in 1975 with their song “Ding-a-dong”. After this, the Netherlands had to wait for 44 years for a new victory. But it happened in 2019: Duncan Laurence won the contest with his “Arcade”. Other top-3 entries were “I see a star” by Mouth & MacNeal (1974) and “Calm after the storm” by The Common Linnets (2014). Duncan Laurence, EBU/Andres Putting The Bookmakers Currently, Joost’s “Europapa” is no. 5 in the odds to win the Grand Final. However, the bookmakers also expect him to win the 2nd semifinal. If we follow the bookies, we can safely say that The Netherlands will do well in the current contest.  The song And this is the song: 

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🇳🇱 The Netherlands: In memoriam Humphrey Campbell

Dutch Eurovision singer Humphrey Campbell passed away. He was 66 years old. Campbell’s journey in the music industry kicked off when he, still a teenager in Suriname, clinched victory at a School Song Festival. This win earned him a record deal, under the mentorship of Oscar Harris. Following a tour in the Netherlands alongside Harris, Campbell was inspired to settle there and pursue his musical career. He took part at the Knokke Song Contest, and secured a lead role in the musical “A Night at the Cotton Club,” where he starred alongside Ruth Jacott. Jacott and Campbell had a relationship at that time. During this period, he crafted a unique musical style that fused jazz with elements of South American music. Campbell’s big break came in 1992 when he was selected to represent at the Eurovision Song Contest, outperforming nine other competitors. Ruth Jacott joined him at the contest in Malmö, Sweden, as his background singer. His song, “Wijs me de weg”, reached a 9th place. The following year, roles reversed as Campbell supported Ruth Jacott with background vocals when she represented the Netherlands with the song “Vrede.” Following his stint at Eurovision, Campbell continued his music career predominantly behind the scenes, collaborating as a guest musician with artists such as Paul de Leeuw, Anita Meijer, and Rob de Nijs. He also shared his expertise as a conservatory teacher in Amsterdam. Last week, Humphrey Campbell announced that he had to cancel a planned tour, as he was seriously ill, suffering from cancer. Campbell was 66 years old.

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