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Dare to dream! It was the theme of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Well, we have to go back to the 6th of april 2019. A group of friends were having dinner, awaiting Eurovision in Concert 2019. At the table, we got the idea of a website about the Eurovision Song Contest. Looking for a name, we came up with

It has always been my dream to have an international website, containing all the information about the Eurovision Song Contest. I have been attending many Eurovision Song Contests and I work for Eurovision Artists. This Dutch/Belgian organization has a website and a wonderful magazine too.

Sebastian Hogebrug, Anja Kroeze  and I teamed up to decide what the website would look like, later joined by Tatum den Besten, Kal Engels and Sanne Messemaker. And if you are wondering who deserves the credits of our logo? It’s Dennis Messemaker who did the job, and is working on more. A lot of hard work followed, and of course the website is still groing. But we are proud to show you what we have done so far.

On behalve of team Eurovision Universe,

Martijn van der Veen