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Eurovision throughout the years

In the Spotlight


© EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameSlimane Nebchi Born13 October 1989 Nationality🇫🇷 French National SelectionInternal selection 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongMon Amour (2024) Biography Slimane Nebchi, known simply as Slimane, is a French singer and songwriter. Born on October 13, 1989, in Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, he is of Algerian heritage,

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Alyona Alyona

EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts NameAliona Alehivna Savranenko Born14 June 1991 Nationality🇺🇦 Ukrainian National SelectionVidbir 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongTeresa & Maria (& Jerry Heil) Biography Aliona Olehivna Savranenko, known professionally as Alyona Alyona, is a distinguished Ukrainian rapper and songwriter, born on June 14, 1991. Originating from Kapitanivka, Novomyrhorod

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Baby Lasagna

©EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameMarko Purišić Born05 July 1995 Nationality🇭🇷 Croatian National SelectionDora 2024Dora 2019 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongRim Tim Tagi Dim (2024) Biography Marko Purišić, who goes by the stage name Baby Lasagna, was born in 1995 and has made his mark as a Croatian vocalist, lyricist,

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About Quick Facts NameAlex Márta Born06 June 1984 Nationality🇭🇺 Hungarian National SelectionA Dal 2013 In Eurovision2013 Malmö SongKedvesem (2013) Biography ByeAlex, real name Alex Márta (born in Kisvárda, June 6, 1984) is a Hungarian singer, songwriter and producer. Alex Márta graduated with a degree in philosophy from the Faculty of

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Compact Disco

About Quick Facts MembersLotfi BehnamGábor PálCsaba Walkó Founded2008 Nationality🇭🇺 Hungarian National SelectionA Dal 2012 In Eurovision2012 Baku SongSound Of Our Hearts (2012) Biography Compact Disco is a Hungarian electronic music band and music producer group. Lotfi, Pál, and Walkó first met in 2005 when Lotfi Behnam’s techno producer duo, Collins

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Joci Pápai

© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts NameJoci Pápai Born22 September 1981 Nationality???????? Hungarian National SelectionA Dal 2019A Dal 2017 In Eurovision2019 Tel Aviv2017 Kiev SongAz én apám (2019)Origo (2017) Biography József Pápai or Joci Pápai is a Hungarian singer, voice actor, rapper and guitarist of Romani descent. Joci Pápai made

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© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts MembersÖrs SiklósiBence BruckerDániel KökényesÁron VeressSoma Schiszler Founded2006 Nationality???????? Hungarian National SelectionA Dal 2018 In Eurovision2018 Lisbon SongViszlát nyár (2018) Biography AWS is a Hungarian metal and post-hardcore band formed in 2006 by Bence Brucker, Dániel Kökényes, Örs Siklósi, and Áron Veress, later joined by

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