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Latvia: entry will be known tonight

Via Supernova, Latvia will select its Eurovision entry. The contest will contain 10 songs, one of which will be chosen through 50/50 jury and televoting. The show will start at 20:10 CET and you can watch it here. Below, you will find the titles of the songs:

1 Alise Haijima Tricky
2 Luīze You to hold me
3 Raum Fake love
4 Toms Kalderauskis When it all falls
5 Artūrs Hatti Love vibes
6 Patrisha Hush
7 Sudden Lights Aijā
8 24. Avēnija You said
9 Avéi Let me go
10 Markus Riva Forever

Raum took part in 2019 (3rd with the band Double Faced Eels) and solo in 2022 (9th)
Toms Kalderauskis took part in the heats in 2017, in the semifinals in 2020 and in the online voting in 2022.
Sudden Lights was the 2018 runner up.
Markus Riva took part in 2014 (11th), 2015 (2nd), 2016 (semifinal), 2017 (heats), 2018 (4th), 2019 (2nd), 2020 (semifinal) and 2022 (semifinal) 


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