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Milan Stanković


Quick Facts

Milan Stanković

09 September 1987

🇷🇸 Serbian

National Selection
Tri pa jedan za Oslo

In Eurovision
2010 Oslo

Ovo Je Balkan (2010)


Milan Stanković, born on September 9, 1987, in Obrenovac, then part of SFR Yugoslavia, is a well-known Serbian singer-songwriter. His journey to fame began in 2007 as a standout contestant on “Zvezde Granda,” where he finished fourth. Milan’s unique style, inspired by k-pop and his performances of Zdravko Čolić’s songs, caught public attention. His relationship with Rada Manojlović, a fellow contestant, also garnered media spotlight.

His breakthrough came in 2010 when he represented Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Ovo je Balkan,” securing 13th place. Despite challenges, including a contract breach with Grand Production and a brief hiatus from the music scene, Milan made a strong comeback. He released the hit single “Od mene se odvikavaj” in 2013 and participated in the Pink Music Festival in 2014, winning three awards. The same year, he also became a judge on “Pinkove Zvezdice,” a role he held until 2018.

Milan continued to evolve as an artist, releasing his second album in 2015, marked by the singles “Mašina” and “Nisi mu ti žena.” Collaborations with notable artists like Mimi Mercedez, Mile Kitić, and the hip hop duo Jala Brat and Buba Corelli further elevated his career. His single “Ego,” released in 2017, became a massive hit, amassing over eighty million views on YouTube. Following this success, Milan introduced his “Tokyo trilogy” between 2018 and 2019 and continued to release popular singles, including “Pablo” in 2020.


Ovo Je Balkan

🇷🇸 Serbia



Marina Tucaković
Goran Bregović
Ljiljana Jorgovanović

Goran Bregović

Marko Stojiljković
Aleksandar Jelenković
Zorica Brkić
Saška Janković

Results Semi

Points: 79
Position: 5
Running order: 7

Results Finals

Points: 72
Position: 13
Running order: 8