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Carlos Do Carmo

Name:Carlos Manuel de Ascenção do Carmo de Almeida
National Finals:Festival da Canção 1976
ESC Entries:Uma flor de verde pinho (1976)


Carlos Do Carmo was a Portuguese fado singer. He ws one of the most famous interpreter of the Lisbon song. His mother Lucília Do Carmo was a wellknown fadista as well. He began singing and recording in 1963, with the release of the EP record “Mário Simões e o seu Quarteto Apresentando Carlos do Carmo”, and, still in 1963, the record “Carlos do Carmo e Orquestra de Joaquim Luiz Gomes”. Until the end of the decade, he released another eleven records. With the arrival of the 1970s came success at home and abroad, releasing close to thirty records during that decade. His most famous songs are “Lágrimas de Orvalho”, “Lisboa Menina” e “Moça and Canoas do Tejo”.  In 1976, Portuguese television selected him to represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of six songs, “Uma flor de verde pinho” was chosen as the Portuguese entry.
Carlos Do Carmo sang many songs written by songwriters like Ary dos Santos. He helped to open Lisbon Fado to other musical influences, like jazz and French music, as well as adding the orchestra to the traditional Fado guitar trio or quartet.​
Carlos Do Carmo passed away the 1st of january 2021.


Artist:Carlos Do Carmo
Song:Uma flor de verde pinho
Lyrics:Manuel Alégre
Composer(s):José niza
Conductor:Thilo Krasmann
Backings:José Maria Nóbrega
António Chainho
Siegfried Sugg
Running order:15