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Josh Dubovie

About Quick Facts NameJosh James Dubovie Born27 November 1990 Nationality🇬🇧 British National SelectionEurovision: Your Country Needs You 2010 In Eurovision2010 Oslo SongThat Sounds Good To Me Biography Josh James Dubovie, born on 27 November 1990, embarked on his journey into music and performance at a young age. From the age of nine, he was a member of StageAbility, an after-school stage club based in Laindon. His passion for the stage further blossomed at 15 when he played Enjolras in a school production of Les Misérables with the Essex Group, despite having no prior singing experience. To prepare for this role, Dubovie sought guidance from a vocal coach. Throughout his schooling at The Billericay School, Dubovie pursued A levels in Music Technology, Drama, and English Literature. His talent was recognized early on as he won the Blues Idol competition in 2008, along with Voice of St. Luke’s contest and Billericay’s Got Talent. Before stepping onto the Eurovision stage, Dubovie showed an interest in acting by applying for a part in the E4 TV series Skins 3rd series, where he was short-listed for the role of Freddie Mclair. After leaving school, Dubovie’s professional career took a significant turn when his father, Richard, decided to manage him, securing the majority of his professional gigs. Dubovie’s most notable achievement came in 2010 when he won the UK national selection competition Eurovision: Your Country Needs You! with “That Sounds Good to Me” on 12 March, a song by Mike Stock, Pete Waterman, and Steve Crosby. His victory marked his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Oslo, Norway, in May 2010, where, despite his efforts, he finished last. Following his Eurovision experience, Dubovie appeared in various performances and charity events. In July 2010, he was part of the ‘Proms in the Park’ show at Billericay and performed alongside celebrities in a fundraising event for St. Francis’ Hospice in September. His contributions to local charities led to his appointment as the celebrity patron of St. Luke’s Hospice in Basildon. In December 2010, Dubovie starred as Aladdin in the pantomime at Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering. 2011 was a busy year for Dubovie, beginning with a performance for the OGAE in Munich in January. He released his first album Carpe Diem under Pure Music LTD in February, followed by a performance for the Queen’s Royal Lancers. His participation in various events continued throughout the year, including performing at the Birmingham Gay Pride Ball, Stockholm Pride Gala, and headlining at a Help for Heroes charity concert. In 2012, Dubovie’s Eurovision legacy was celebrated at ‘Eurovision Reunited’ concert at The Sage, Gateshead, where he performed alongside past Eurovision competitors. 2013 marked a significant shift in Dubovie’s career as he rebranded himself as ‘Josh James’, transitioning his musical style towards RnB and Dance to align with mainstream music trends. This decision was driven by the desire to move beyond his Eurovision identity, as searches for “Josh Dubovie” predominantly returned Eurovision-related results. His debut song as Josh James, “Game Over,” was released in March, with the music video following in July. In addition to his musical endeavors, Dubovie engaged in media work, hosting the ESC News 2013 ‘Heart Campaign’, showcasing new and past Eurovision talent, further establishing his versatility within the entertainment industry. In December he played one of the main roles in the musical Sleeping Beauty in Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.  From April until October 2014, Josh James performed on a cruise. In December of that year, he performed in Sleeping Beauty again. In 2016, Josh moved to Canada. He started the YouTube chanel You&Me with his girlfriend Megan. In June 2019, Josh started as a mindset coach. He also started a podcast, the MEGA (Make Earth Great Again) podcast. In August, he did a Q&A about his 2010 Eurovision experience. In May 2022, he recontinued his MEGA podcasts. Entries That Sounds Good To Me Country🇬🇧 United Kingdom Year2010 LanguageEnglish LyricsMike StockSteve CrosbyPete Waterman MusicMike StockSteve CrosbyPete Waterman BackingsSuzanne CarleyJoanna BrehenyKirsten Joy DancersCiaran ConnollyFilippo Calvagno Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 10Position: 25Running order: 12

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Milan Stanković

About Quick Facts NameMilan Stanković Born09 September 1987 Nationality🇷🇸 Serbian National SelectionTri pa jedan za Oslo In Eurovision2010 Oslo SongOvo Je Balkan (2010) Biography Milan Stanković, born on September 9, 1987, in Obrenovac, then part of SFR Yugoslavia, is a well-known Serbian singer-songwriter. His journey to fame began in 2007 as a standout contestant on “Zvezde Granda,” where he finished fourth. Milan’s unique style, inspired by k-pop and his performances of Zdravko ÄŒolić’s songs, caught public attention. His relationship with Rada Manojlović, a fellow contestant, also garnered media spotlight. His breakthrough came in 2010 when he represented Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Ovo je Balkan,” securing 13th place. Despite challenges, including a contract breach with Grand Production and a brief hiatus from the music scene, Milan made a strong comeback. He released the hit single “Od mene se odvikavaj” in 2013 and participated in the Pink Music Festival in 2014, winning three awards. The same year, he also became a judge on “Pinkove Zvezdice,” a role he held until 2018. Milan continued to evolve as an artist, releasing his second album in 2015, marked by the singles “MaÅ¡ina” and “Nisi mu ti žena.” Collaborations with notable artists like Mimi Mercedez, Mile Kitić, and the hip hop duo Jala Brat and Buba Corelli further elevated his career. His single “Ego,” released in 2017, became a massive hit, amassing over eighty million views on YouTube. Following this success, Milan introduced his “Tokyo trilogy” between 2018 and 2019 and continued to release popular singles, including “Pablo” in 2020. Entries Ovo Je Balkan Country🇷🇸 Serbia Year2010 LanguageSerbian LyricsMarina TucakovićGoran BregovićLjiljana Jorgovanović MusicGoran Bregović BackingsMarko StojiljkovićAleksandar JelenkovićZorica BrkićSaÅ¡ka Janković Results Semi Points: 79Position: 5Running order: 7 Results Finals Points: 72Position: 13Running order: 8

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