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Despina Olympiou


Quick Facts

Despina Olympiou

17 October 1975

🇨🇾 Cypriot

National Selection
Internal selection 2013

In Eurovision
2013 Malmö

An Me Thimasai (2013)


Despina Olympiou, also known as Dena Olympiou, is a Cypriot singer. Despina Olympiou grew up in Limassol, Cyprus. Her musical journey began there, later taking her to London where she studied piano and music theory at Trinity College.

 Launching her music career in 1992, Olympiou relocated to Athens, Greece in 1993. During her time there, she collaborated with renowned artists like Yiannis Parios, Haris Alexiou, and Dimitris Mitropanos, to name a few. Notably, she featured on the George Sarri album with the track “I kounia mas”. Her debut album, “Ton Mation sou i Kalimera”, showcased work from several Greek artists.

In 2002, Olympiou signed with Universal Greece. A year later, she teamed up with Michalis Hatzigiannis, producing the hit single “Na ‘soun allios” from the album “Vale Mousiki”. The CD achieved platinum status. Her subsequent albums, “Exoume Logo” and “Auto ine Agapi”, featured songs predominantly written by the Pantelia brothers, with the leading single titled “Kapote”.

Olympiou’s 2007 single “Pes to Dinata” achieved great success in Greece and Cyprus. Collaborating once more with Hatzigiannis, she released “Mazi Xorista”. Her duet with Hatzigiannis, “O Paradisos”, won the Best Duet award at the 2008 MAD Video Music Awards. Her 2010 album, ‘Mia stigmi’, was another success, with singles like ‘Pano stin agapi’ and ‘Adynamia’. In 2012, her duet with Stereo Mike, ‘Den s’ afino apo ta matia mou’, became popular in both Cyprus and Greece.

Despina Olympiou represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden. The Cypriot entry, a Greek song titled “An me thimasai”, was unveiled in February. Although versions in English and Spanish were created for promotion, Olympiou’s performance in the semi-finals did not advance her to the final round.

Later in 2013 she teamed up with Constantinos Christoforou to perform in Greece and Cyprus. That caused a stir in December 2014. Despina was one of the jury members in the 2015 Cypriot national final for Eurovision. She performed in the show, together with Constantinos. But… Contantinos wrote one of the competing songs. In the end, Constantinos’ song did not win.

In 2015, Despina gave several performances at the Barbarella Live Party in Thessaloniki. She also played the show “Medina darling” with Bessy Malfa and Krinio Nikolaou. In 2016 she went back to Thessaloniki for a lot of performances, a.o. with Krinio Nikolaou. She performed in Limassol with Constantinos. She also released the song “Gyrna se mena” in December. The song was followed in May 2017 by “Pánta érchetai i avgí” and “Opou mas pai i karthia” in November.

In early 2018, Despina was part of a show were she performed songs of Yiorgos Chatzinasios and Yiorgos Theofanous. She performed in the show Notes Live with a.o. Constantinos Christoforou and Evridiki. The tour continued in 2019, when she also performed together with Kostas Hatzis.

In April 2020, Despina released a new song, “Mi skefteis ksana”. She also participated in the show Just The 2 Of Us. In September 2021 a new song, “Ki as ehis figi” was released.



An Me Thimasai

🇨🇾 Cyprus



Zenon Zindilis

Andreas Giorgallis


Results Semi

Points: 11
Position: 15
Running order: 14

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –