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Moldova selects a song

Also in Moldova there will be a show tonight, with no less than 19 songs. The show starts at 19.00 and can be watched here. These are the contestants:

  • Denis Midone, “Like a champion”
  • Natalia Gordienko, “Prison”
  • Geta Burlacu, “Răspunde!”
  • Viorela Moraru, “Remedy”
  • Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky, “Moldovita”
  • Lavinia Rusu, “Touch”
  • Dima Jelezoglo, “Do it slow”
  • Diana Rotaru, “Dale dale”
  • Pasha Parfeny, “My wine”
  • Live Beat, “Love me now”
  • Valeria  Pașa, “It’s time”
  • Maria Ciolac, “Our home”
  • Sasha Letty, “Summer of love”
  • Irina Kit, “Chain reaction”
  • Petronela Donciu & Andreea Portărescu, “We will be legend”
  • Lanjerjon, “Hi five”
  • Catarina Sandu, “Die for you”
  • Alexandru Cibotaru, “Cine te-a facut să plîngi”
  • Julia Ilienko feat. Mishel Dar, “Tears”
  • Maxim Zavidia, “Take control”

Valentin Uzun already did attempts to represent Moldova in 2012 and 2016. We saw Lavinia Rusu in 2018. Live Beat was involved in a semifinal in 2012. Valeria Pașa took part in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017, Irina Kit in 2013 and 2015, Maxim Zavidia in 2013, 2015 and 2016.
Two contestants entered the Eurovision stage before: Natalia Gordienko in 2004 and Pasha Parfeny in 2012. Andreea Portărescu was one of last year’s backing vocals for Moldova while Catarina Sandu did that job in 2017.
Note that, due to personal circumstances, 2008 Moldovan participant Geta Burlacu had to withdraw from the contest.


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