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🇨🇭 Nemo will represent Switzerland

Rapper Nemo is chosen to represent Switzerland in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. That is what Swiss TV SRG/SSR announced today. will sing the song “The Code”. Nemo will perform in the first half of the 2nd semifinal.

Nemo Mettler, born August 3, 1999, widely known as Nemo, is a multi-talented Swiss artist renowned for their skills in rapping, singing, and musical prowess on the violin, piano, and drums. 

Nemo’s EP “Clownfisch” in 2015 made waves by reaching number 95 on the Swiss charts, while their 2017 single “Du” soared to number 4 in Switzerland. Additionally, Nemo showcased their versatility on the second season of The Masked Singer Switzerland (2021/2022), where they delighted audiences as a panda and secured fifth place.

The exciting announcement of Nemo as Switzerland’s representative for Eurovision 2024 with “The Code” came on February 29, 2024.

In a significant personal revelation, Mettler publicly identified as non-binary in November 2023 through an article in the SonntagsZeitung. They expressed a preference for the use of their given name instead of traditional pronouns in German and embraced the gender-neutral “they/them” in English.

This is the song:


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