Lithuania: on to the semifinals

Tonight is the night that we go on to the semifinals in Lithuania. In each semifinal, 10 songs will compete, five of them will have a place in the final. The show starts at 20:00 and you can watch it here and on YouTube. The competing songs are:

  • Alen Chicco sings “Do you”
  • Baiba sings “When the lights go out”
  • Donata sings “Dreamer”
  • Gabrielus Vagelis sings “Sauksmas”
  • Il senso sings “Sparnai”
  • Joseph June sings “Vacuum”
  • Justė Kraujelytė sings “Need more fun”
  • Noy sings “Destiny’s child”
  • Petunija sings “Love of my life”
  • Rūta Mur sings “So low”


Alen Chicco took part in 2019 (5th) and 2020 (semifinal).
Baiba sang before in 2013 (heats) and 2016 (heats).
Donata took part in 2012 (semifinal), 2018 (heats), 2020 (heats) and 2021 (quarter finals).
Gabrielus Vagelis took part in 2013 (semifinals), 2017 (5th), 2020 (semifinals), 2021 (semifinals).
Joseph June reached the semifinals in 2022.
Justė Kraujelytė was there last year and became 6th.
Petunija took part in 2016 (heats) and 2022 (semifinal).


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