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Albania: Festivali i Këngës 61, semifinal 1

The Albanian national selection starts tonight. In four evenings, Albania will make a choice. Tonight, the first semifinal will be held. It starts at 21.00 CET and you can watch it here and here.

Albania usually is the first country to select an entry. Not this year, as we already know Ukraine’s entry. The Albanians will select through four evenings. The seminfinals will be held on Monday and Tuesday, another show (we don’t have more information on that one yet) on Wednesday, while the final will be on Thursday.

These are the entries:

  1. Enxhi Nasufi sings “Burrë”
  2. Erma Mici sings “Kozmosi i dashurisë”
  3. Fabian Basha sings “Një gotë”
  4. Anduel Kovaçi sings “Malli”
  5. Fifi sings “Stop”
  6. Urban Band sings “Në çdo hap”
  7. 2 Farm sing “Atornike”
  8. Sara Kapo sings “Para teje”
  9. Rezarta Smaja sings “N’Eden”
  10. Albina & Familja Kelmendi sing “Duje”
  11. Sergio Hajdini sings “Vështirë”
  12. Luna Causholli sings “Jetën ta fal”
  13. Rovena Dilo sings “Motit”


Enxhi Nasufi took part in the 2016 final and became 6th.
Fabian Basha took part in 2008 and became 15th in the final as a member of the group Produkt 28.
The Urban Band reached the final last year.
Rezarta Smaja took part in 2013 (7th), in 2014 (7th), in 2015 (7th), in 2016 (with Klodian Kaçani, 4th), in 2017 (7th), in 2018 (with Luiz Ejlli, final), and in 2022 (final).
Rovena Dilo took part in 2004 (final), in 2008 (semifinal), in 2009 (with Eugent Bushpepa, 12th) and in 2010 (10th).


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