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Latvia starts Supernova (UPDATE)

Tonight, Latvia starts the search for a song. 17 songs will compete in a semifinal, 10 to be selected for the final. The show starts at 20:05 and you can watch it here. The songs are:

  1. Citi Zēni, “Eat your salad”
  2. Miks Dukurs, “First love”
  3. Linda Rušeniece, “Pay my own bills”
  4. Elina Gluzunova, “Es pabiju tur”
  5. Raum, “Plans”
  6. Patriks Peterson, “Can’t get outta my head”
  7. Mēs Jūs Mīlam, “Rich itch”
  8. Katō, “Promises”
  9. Miks Galvanovskis, “I’m just a sinner”
  10. Markus Riva, “If you’re gonna love me”
  11. The Coco’nuts, “In and out of the dark”
  12. Aminata, “Letting you go”
  13. Bermudu Divstūris, “Bad”
  14. Beatrise Heislere, “On the way home”
  15. Zelma, “How”
  16. Bujāns, “He, she, you and me”
  17. Inspo, “A happy space”


Miks Dukurs took part in 2009 (semifinal), 2012 (semifinal), 2016 (heats), 2017 (semifinal), 2020 (final)
Miks Galvanovskis took part in the 2017 semifinal.
Markus Riva took part in 2014 (11th), 2015 (2nd), 2016 (semifinal), 2017 (6th), 2018 (4th), 2019 (2nd) and 2020 (semifinal)
Aminata took part in 2014 (5th), 2015 (winner). She represented Latvia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and wrote the 2016 and 2021 Eurovision entries for her country.


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