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Nodi Tatishvili


Quick Facts

Nodiko Tatishvili

05 November 1986

🇬🇪 Georgian

National Selection
Internal selection 2013
Georgian national final 2009

In Eurovision
2013 Malmö

Waterfall (2013, with Sophie Gelovani)


Nodiko Tatishvili is a Georgian singer. He was born in Tbilisi on 5 November 1986.

Nodiko made his debut performance at the Tbilisi Great Concert Hall at the tender age of six, taking the stage as a soloist with a children’s ensemble. By the time he turned eight, he had clinched the title at a national contest. A year later, at nine, he performed with the Iveria ensemble in the musical “Two Dwarfs.” During his voice’s transition phase, Nodiko was involved in the TV project “School of Nutsa,” leading him to collaborate with renowned composers and musicians subsequently. Between 2005 to 2009, he graced various prestigious music festivals and events. In 2009, his talent shone through when he emerged as the winner of the popular Georgian TV show Geostar, earning him the title of GEOSTAR 2009 (akin to Pop Idol 2009). He also took part in the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. His song “No Sun Where You Are Near” didn’t enter the top-3.

In 2013, alongside Sopho Gelovani, he proudly represented Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö, Sweden. They reached the Grand Final and ended up in 15th place there. In 2014 he took part in the show Two Stars, along with Gogola Kalandadze. He also took part in Dancing With The Stars.

In 2015, Nodiko won an award for Best Pop Song Of The Year. He also started working as a coach for The Voice Georgia for one season. In December 2016 his new song “Color Day” was released. In 2017, he and Sopho Gelovani hosted the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. He did concerts in Germany and Greece. At the Radio Holding Fortuna Music Awards he was chosen Best Male Artist of the year.

On 22 March 2018, Nodiko’s new album “Nodiko Tatishvili” was released. And again one of his songs got a Golden Wave award for Song Of The Year for “Once In The Rainy City”. In December he released a new video “I’ve Been Dreaming”. Half a year later, the video won a Golden Wave award for best video.

In 2019, Nodiko teamed up with a band, The Five, for his live performances. With the song “Don’t stop” he won the TV Show in January 2020. In June of the same year he released a new song, “siqvarulis gemi”, followed in February 2021 by “Gemshvidobebi”. In July, the song “Guls” was released.


Waterfall (& Sophie Gelovani)

🇬🇪 Georgia



Thomas G:son

Erik Bernholm
Thomas G:son

Martin Kagemark
Johanna Beijbom
Lisette Vares Uhlmann

Results Semi

Points: 63
Position: 10
Running order: 15

Results Finals

Points: 50
Position: 15
Running order: 25