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Douwe Bob

© Andres Putting/EBU


Quick Facts

Douwe Bob Posthuma

12 December 1992

🇳🇱 Dutch

National Selection
Internal selection 2016

In Eurovision
2016 Stockholm

Slow Down (2016)


Douwe Bob is a Dutch singer/songwriter. His father, Simon Posthuma, became known with the design group The Fool and his mother was a dancer. He started playing the piano at the age of six, especially classical and jazz. He has been playing guitar since he was fourteen. As a singer-songwriter, he was inspired by country music and the music of the sixties and seventies. He also indicates that he is a representative of the Americana genre. 

In 2012 he participated in the talent show De beste singer-songwriter van Netherland. He won the final and subsequently released the song “Multicolored Angels” on single. The song reached 17th place in the Top 40 and 11th place in the Mega Top 50. That summer, Douwe Bob performed at the Sziget festival in Budapest and at Songbird in Rotterdam, among other places.

The singer’s debut album, “Born in a storm”, was released on May 3, 2013. The majority of the songs were written during a holiday in Morocco with Matthijs van Duijvenbode and JP Hoekstra. The album was released on Douwe’s own label Sweetheart of the Rodeo. The single from this album, “You Don’t Have to Stay”, reached number 34 in the Dutch charts. At the end of 2013 a documentary came out: “Whatever Forever: Douwe Bob”, about Douwe and his relationship with his father.

Together with Gers Pardoel and Kensington, Douwe Bob was Ambassador of Freedom in 2014. On this occasion, he played during Liberation Day 2014, transported to the cities by helicopter, at the Liberation Festivals throughout the country. In September 2014, Posthuma played “Multicolored angels” during the national memorial concert The Bridge to Liberation in Arnhem.

As a precursor to a new album, the single “Hold me”, a duet with Anouk, was released in mid-January 2015. The song is Douwe Bob’s biggest hit so far with a top 10 listing in the Single Top 100 and Dutch Top 40.

On May 15, 2015, the album “Pass it on” was released by Douwe Bob’s new record company Universal. The album reached number one on the album chart.

At the end of September 2015 it was announced that he would represent the Netherlands as Douwe Bob in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The singer actually wanted to participate in 2015, but was then stopped by his management. The song “Slow down” was presented on March 4, 2016. Douwe Bob reached the 11th place in the final.

In 2018, Douwe Bob was one of the new coaches in the seventh season of The Voice Kids. He did the job for one season.

At the end of September 2021, he was refused entry to a cinema because he did not have a corona ticket. Because of this he decided to cancel his tour. A few days later his band decided to leave.


Slow Down

🇳🇱 The Netherlands



Jan-Peter Hoekstra
Jeroen Overman
Douwe Bob Posthuma

Jan-Peter Hoekstra
Jeroen Overman
Douwe Bob Posthuma
Matthijs van Duijvenbode

Jan-Peter Hoekstra
Jeroen Overman
Matthijs van Duijvenbode
Stijn van Dalen
Thijs Boontjes

Results Semi

Points: 197
Position: 5
Running order: 6

Results Finals

Points: 153
Position: 11
Running order: 3