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Little Big


Quick Facts

Ilya (Ilyich) Prusikin
Sergey (Gokk) Makarov
Sophia Tayurskaya
Anton Lissov


🇷🇺 Russian

National Selection
Internal selection 2020

In Eurovision
2020 Rotterdam (cancelled)

Uno (2020, cancelled)


The group first announced itself on April 1, 2013, releasing the clip “Every Day I’m Drinking” on YouTube. Soon after this, the band had its first public appearance: they opened for the band Die Antwoord. The first album of the band “With Russia From Love” was released in 2014.

In 2015, a video for the song “Give Me Your Money” was released in cooperation with the Estonian artist Tommy Cash.  In december 2015, the band released their second album, “Funeral Rave”. It took the 8th place in the Russian iTunes chart. In 2016, the band’s video clipsfeatured at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2016. “Big Dick” got the award in the Most Trashy category, and “Give Me Your Money” was one of the nominees for Best Performer. The “Big Dick” clip overcame 35 million views.

In 2017, the group released the single “Rave On”, followed by the track “Nightlife”. The latter wasrecorded in collaboration with the German electronic band Eskimo Callboy. In February 2018, the video clip of their song “LollyBomb”  won the Best Music Video nomination at the Global Los Angeles Film Festival. On April 1, 2018, one of the vocalists, Olympia Ivleva, announced her resignation from the band. On May 8, 2018, the group released the first part of the album  “Antipositive” and the clip “Punks Not Dead” , on October 5 – “Antipositve, part 2” and the new clip “Skibidi”. In December 2018,  the group released the clip “Boys Slam” together with Sergey Zhukov. In February 2019, the single “Skibidi” received platinum status. Later, the album with the same name was released.

In 2020, Little Big was supposed to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with the song “Uno”. To perform at the competition, Yuri Muzychenko and Florida Chanturia joined the concert line-up as session backing vocalists. Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the contest, the group did not participate.
In 2021, the band members said they didn’t want to perform at Eurovision in order to “Not compete with themselves”. The musicians also added that there are enough talented performers in the country, each of them should have the opportunity to show themselves abroad.

In September 2021, Little Big released a four-track collaborative mini-album with American singer Oliver Tree, “Welcome to the Internet”, as well as videos for the title track and the song “Turn It Up”, which featured Estonian rapper Tommy Cash.

In 2022, the band plans to release a fourth studio album. However, the last thing Little Big posted on Instagram was a statement containing the words “No war”, posted on 24 February 2022, the day of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.



🇷🇺 Russia



Little Big

Little Big


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