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Dany Dauberson

Name:Suzanne Marguerite Renée Gauche
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Il est là


Dany Dauberson is a French singer and actress who was particularly successful in the 1950s. 
Dany studied classical singing. She lived and worked in Lyon, but the fact that she had a relationship with actress Carmen Torres caused quite a stir. Add to that the fact that she would have preferred to be a man herself and that she was very masculine and had a length of 1.75. That was not possible in the 1930s and 1940s, certainly not in the countryside and in the southern cities of France. She left Lyon and went to Paris, where she ended up in the cabaret of Suzy Solidor, icon of the lesbian movement. Solidor took care of her and made sure that she made her stage debut.
In 1956 Dany Dauberson represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Il est là”. In the 1960s she shared her life with actress Nicole Berger. In 1967, Dauberson was seriously injured in a car accident in which Berger died. This accident ended her career, despite attempts by herself to continue it. She died in Marseille on 16 march 1979 at the age of 54.


Artist:Dany Dauberson
Song:Il est là
Lyrics:Simone Vallauris
Composer(s):Simone Vallauris
Conductor:Franck Pourcel
Points:secret voting
Running order:12
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