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Harel Skaat


Quick Facts

Harel Skaat

08 August 1981

🇮🇱 Israeli

National Selection
Kdam Eurovision 2010

In Eurovision
2010 Oslo

Milim (2010)


Early life and background

Harel Skaat, born on August 8, 1981, in Kfar Saba, Israel, is a renowned Israeli singer and songwriter. His family is of Yemenite-Jewish and Iraqi-Jewish descent. Harel’s musical journey began at a very young age. At six, he won a national children’s song festival called A Star for the Evening – Singing Big in his hometown, marking the start of his public performances. Throughout his youth, he appeared on various television shows and festivals, including a notable appearance on the children’s TV show Parpar Nehmad.

During his teenage years, Harel was the lead singer for both his city’s band and his high school band. His passion for music continued through his mandatory military service, where he sang with the Israeli Defense Forces’ Communication Corps Band. 

Education and Early Career

After completing his military service, Harel attended Beit Zvi, a prestigious performing arts college. He won two significant scholarships for his performances in school musicals. During this time, he recorded his first single, “Ein Od Si’kui” (“No More Chance”), and participated in the televised talent show “Ha’melech Ha’ba” (“The Next King”), where he finished in sixth place.

Rise to Fame: Kokhav Nolad

Harel’s big break came in 2005 when he joined the second season of Kokhav Nolad (“A Star is Born”), Israel’s version of American Idol. Although a friend signed him up without his knowledge, Harel quickly became a favorite among viewers and judges. He consistently received high praise and votes, making it to the finals. Harel finished in second place.

Debut Album and Success

Following Kokhav Nolad, Harel signed with Hed Arzi, one of Israel’s largest music companies. In July 2006, he released his debut album, “Harel Skaat,” which included hit singles like “Ve’at” (“And You”), “Kama Od Efshar” (“How Much More is Possible”), and “Mashehu Mimeni” (“Something from Me”). The album was a commercial success, achieving platinum status in Israel and solidifying Harel’s status as a leading pop singer.

Legal Disputes and Second Album

In early 2008, Harel and Hed Arzi became embroiled in a legal dispute, which was resolved after a year. He then signed with Aroma Music and released his second album, “Dmuyot” (“Figures”), in September 2009. The album featured hits like “Muvan Li Achshav” (“Now I Understand”) and “Boi Ha Yom” (“Come Today”). Despite being certified gold, “Dmuyot” did not match the commercial success of his debut album.

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

In December 2009, Harel was selected to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song “Milim” (“Words”). The contest was held in Oslo, Norway, where Harel’s performance earned Israel 14th place out of 39 entries. Despite the mid-range finish, he received significant accolades, winning all three Marcel Bezençon Awards for best artist, composition, and entry.

Continued Career and Personal Life

Harel continued to release music and perform extensively. His third album, “Shuv Me’ushar” (“Happy Again”), released in January 2012, included hits like “Mashehu Tov” (“Something Good”), “Tihye Li Ahava” (“I Will Have Love”) and “HaMea Ha-21” (“21st Century”). Harel also ventured into acting, starring in musical productions such as Les Miserables at the Habima Theatre and Peter Pan. He also played a main role in the musical Kim’at normali.

4th Album, Tsmarmoret

In 2013, a new song was released, “Akhshav”. The song became #1 in the Israeli I-Tunes charts rightaway. That also counts for the second song, “Boom” in January 2014. In 2015, the first song from his new album came out: “Tsmarmoret”. It was followed by a single in English, “Hollow”, meant for the international market. Meanwhile, he released “Gadol Bishvilech” in Hebrew for the Israeli market. In the same year, Harel performed in Paris and London.

Les Miserables and HaKokhav Haba

Harel recorded “At Li Hakol”, the title song of the movie Galis. The song was released in April 2016. In August of the same year, the song “Boker Tov Motek” came out, followed two months later by “Anachnu po”. For the song “Milim shektot” he teamed up with Nasrin Kadri. In the last 3 months of 2016 Harel performed as Marius in Les Miserables.


In February 2017 a new song was released: “Ahava Mesovevet HaKol”. That was also the title of his compilation album, released for his 12 1/2 year jubilee as a singer. He also made a special tour, the tour of the decennium. In December of the same year, he released the song “Bein hashmikot”. Shortly after that, a cover version of “Im nin’alu”, Ofra Haza’s hit, came out. In 2019, he teamed up with Osher Bachta for the song “Kulam Oto Davar”. At the end of the year, the song “Aba ve’Aba” was released. In August 2020, he teamed up with Ania Bukhstein for the song “Kol hayom”.

Recent years

In February 2021, Harel’s new song “Chazak Al HaRitzpah” was released. In October of the same year, “Ba Li” came out. 2022 started with “Ad ShehaSheket Ya’azov”. Two months later he teamed up with Keren Peles for the song “Silchi li”. It was by the end of the year that his song “Lehargish Babayit” came out, with a video containing family pictures of his husband and kids.


In June 2023 Harel Skaat went on tour in the USA, in a.o. New York and Los Angeles. In August of the same year, a new single called “Mi Yagid Li” was released.

HaKokhav Haba

Harel Skaat started to be a judge in the new series of HaKokhav Haba, the second season of an Israeli talent show, in 2014/2015. The contest was also the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest since 2015. He continued to do so in the 2016 until the 2019 contest.

In his personal life, Harel is openly gay. He married Idan Roll, a model and Knesset member, in March 2021. The couple has two children born through surrogacy. Harel is actively involved in charitable organizations supporting children with disabilities and enjoys high-thrill recreational activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.



🇮🇱 Israel



Noam Horev

Tomer Hadadi


Results Semi

Points: 71
Position: 8
Running order: 3

Results Finals

Points: 71
Position: 14
Running order: 24