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Malta: third quarterfinal MESC 2023

Tonight, Malta heads to the third quarter final of MESC (Malta Eurovision Song Contest). The show starts on 21.00 CET and you can watch it here. Four quarter finals will be held. Out of 14 songs, 8 will be chosen to go to the semifinal. The songs are:

  1. Andre’ Portelli sings “Broken hill”
  2. Bradley Debono sings “Blackout”
  3. Cheryl Balzan sings “La la land”
  4. Chris Grech sings “Indescribable”
  5. Dominic & Anna sing “Whatever wind may blow”
  6. Giada sings “I depend on you”
  7. Greta Tude sings “Sound of my stillettos”
  8. Jake sings “Love you like that”
  9. James Louis sings “Dream”
  10. Jessika sings “Unapologetic”
  11. John Galea sings “Trailblazer”
  12. Maria Christina sings “Our flame”
  13. Ryan Hili sings “In the silence”
  14. Stefan Galea sings “Heartbreaker”


Bradley Debono took part in X-Factor 2019, the auditions.
Chris Grech was in MESC 2013 (5th), 2014 (13th), 2015 (4th) and X-Factor 2019 (12th).
Dominic Cini took part in 2009 (semifinals), 2010 (semifinals), 2015 (12th), 2016 (13th).
Anna Azzopardi was present in 2011 (semifinal), 2012 (semifinal), X-Factor 2019 (last 12).
Giada took part in MESC last year and became 13th.
Jessika took part in MESC 2008 (semifinal), 2009 (semifinal), 2010 (semifinal), 2011 (15th), 2013 (8th), 2014 (8th), 2015 (8th), 2015 (7th) and 2022 (17th). She represented San Marino in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Who we are”, in duet with Jennifer Brening.
Maria Christina took part in X-Factor 2019 (auditions).
Stefan Galea took part in MESC 2016 (semifinal) and X-Factor 2019 (bootcamp)

Note that Aidan, who participated in the first quarterfinal, is disqualified. However, he will go to court to make his disqualification undone. To be continued….


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