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Eurovision romance in the air

Eurovision romance in the air! 


There have been some rumors going around that there is a love story going on between two artists from Eurovision 2021It all started when Norwegian Tix wrote a love song dedicated to Azerbaijan and hinted someone with a name starting with an E should see it.  

 After this adorable song, Tix decided to send some gifts to Efendi’s dressing room. He surprised her with beautiful flowers and milk chocolate.  

Video reaction of Efendi.

 In response, Efendi also sent gifts to Tix’ dressing room. With the gifts, she also wrote a note proposing a question: “where would you like to go with me? 1) dinner, 2) Baku or 3) Grand Final”. Tix was very surprised and sang “Can you feel the love tonight” in response. 

 Video reaction Tix.  

Tix also posted another Instagram video of him covering the Pokemon theme song after a so called ‘night of drinks’: 

“I had a crush on the very best, 
like no one ever was. 
The language is my real test, 
to meet her is my cause. 
I will travel across Ahoy, 
searching far and wide. 

Teach Efendi to understand,
the power that’s inside. 
Efendi! Gotta meet her! 

It’s you and me 
I know it’s my destiny! 
Efendi, oh be my girlfriend In a world we must defend 

Efendi! Gotta meet her! 
A heart so true 
Our courage will pull us through 
You like me and I like you 
Eurovision love, eurovision love 



The two love birds were later spotted, by Wiwibloggs, on a socially distant encounter: 



Efendi made the next move with a song and music video dedicated to Tix: 

“I know that when you look at me 

There’s so much that you just don’t see 

But if you would only take the time 

I know in my heart you’d find 

Youre prepared to fight 

Who knows what’s right or wrong 

If you respect this side of me 

I think we’ll get along 

I wanna sing to you 

I wanna sing to you 

We’re both in semi 1 

Grand final here we come 

I wanna sing with you 

I wanna sing with you 

Tell me, will we cry  

Or will we qualify?” 


You can watch their Eurovision Saga develop here:  


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