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May 19, 2021

2nd semifinal overview

The 2nd semifinal also opens with beautiful images of the Netherlands. Eefje de Visser and the ballet with Redouan Ait Chitt can then be seen on stage in Ahoy. After that we see the presenters. Edsilia Rombley stands out most because of her bright green dress, and what you cannot see from afar: Nikkie de Jager’s dress has stitching in the colors of the trans flag. San Marino: Senhit wears one thing around her head at the start of her act. It most closely resembles an icon, and at the first rehearsal there were also images of Christ on it. They were later replaced by photos of Flo Rida, but they are now redundant because Flo Rida is on stage herself. We are absolutely sure of a place in the finale. Estonia: Uku Suviste had to fight for his place at the 2021 festival himself, even though he was already the candidate in 2020. Still, many feel that he got so many votes this year out of pity. He is a good singer, but with this song he really does not convince us. No Eurovision final for Estonia this year. Czech Republic: In recent days, Benny Cristo has been everywhere. Now that he is on stage, we still feel that he has forgotten to take that energy with him into Ahoy. We get a very strong feeling something is missing. His voice is not perfect either. We think it is not impossible for Benny to reach the final, but it will be hard. Greece: Stefania, who represents Greece, is secretly also a bit from the Netherlands, because she comes from Uitrecht. Greece has pulled out the technical gadgets of the greenscreen, which makes it seem as if the dancers are invisible. You only see their clothes. In addition, Stefania seems to float through the city. Greece, Stefania in the lead, makes something beautiful out of it. She will very likely reach the final. Austria: Another prayer, again “Amen”. David Bueno sings a ballad in which he can let us hear his strong voice. The staging has been kept simple. With the LED light around him, the whole thing is still spectacular. If Belgium succeeds on quality alone, you would say that Austria succeeds too. We think that’s what’s gonna happen. Poland: Hardly anyone believes in the Polish entry. The question that arises is whether Rafal does that himself. Rafal is on stage with four dancers and wears sunglasses. All fine, but with his song he doesn’t seem to impress for a single moment during the entire song. No final for Poland this year. Then Nikkie de Jager shows up. She gives the floor to Molly Sandén, who sang the soundtrack of “Eurovision Song Contest: the story of Fire Saga”. We also see Jeangu Macrooy pass by for a short while. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko once played a (scantily clad) supporting role, now she plays a leading role in the Moldovan entry about sugar, surrounded by dancers. Lots of pink on stage, but we still have the feeling that the Moldovan team has run out of sugar. Unfortunately, Moldova makes very little impression. However, it can still reach the final. Iceland: Do you see the Icelanders? In fact you don’t really see them, because they are not allowed to enter the stage stage. So you will see a recording of one of the rehearsals. The green sweater and the wicked dance: it has been thought through. Same goes for the instruments. We can reveal that they are not real. Still, it looks like a slick show. Nobody has any doubts about a place in the finale. Serbia: There is something weird about the Serbian entry: unlike you might expect, the ladies can sing quite good. Their dance is a bit stiff. Unlike the song, the Hurricane ladies themselves are not really rocking. Our entire team expects the girls to be in the final. Georgia: Before the festival, Tornike Kipriani grumbled that it was a shame you had to participate in such a shit show. Now he brings his ballad with verve with his Leonard Cohen-like voice. It is not such a shit show. Georgia is not going to reach the final. Albania: Just like two years ago, Albania has remained close to its own culture. The song is sung in Albanian. Lots of red and green smoke, especially in the second half a kind of golden glow like the setting sun. Does the Albanian trick work twice in a row? It’s not impossible, but it will be difficult. Portugal: Nobody gave a cent for the Portuguese entry beforehand. But with the right staging, people are no longer so sure that this will go wrong. Portugal starts in the time when the world was still in black and white, to bring some color to the stage halfway through the song. Portugal can be the big surprise in the final. Then Chantal Janzen will reveal that we are going to see former winners this Saturday. In the meantime she talks to Helena Paparizou (ESF05). Bulgaria: Victoria sits on a rock in the middle of a virtual sea. The picture is one of her and her father. That picture is dear to her because of her and her father. The father has ALS and therefore cannot be in Rotterdam. Viktoria’s vocals are fantastic as always. Bulgaria in the final? Was that a question? We know the answer: yes. Finland: You may not raise your middle finger in the family program that the Eurovision song contest is: then you paint it red. A number of metal fans were angry that the song is called metal. So, dear reader, this is not metal. It is enjoyable for those who like heavy rock. Or would people who enjoy enjoyment get angry now? Anyway, we will see Finland back in the final. Latvia: Samanta Tina brings a song that is extremely suitable for getting everything out of the closet in an act. We don’t understand why she doesn’t.

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Press conference Hosts Eurovision

Today we followed the press conference of Edsilia, Nikkie, Jan and Chantal, the hosts of this years Eurovision Song Contest. After last night’s first live show, the quartet was highly praised. They themselves experienced, especially the opening as emotional and wonderful: “When the doors opened, (and we had rehearsed it so many times), there was suddenly the real audience, the applause. It was fantastic. “ The four presenters with completely different backgrounds tell that each with their own talent completes the total picture of the qualities of the quartet. As Nikkie says: “When I need a moment of reassurance, I look at Jan, he has no nerves, Chantal teaches me: This is our house, with our rules, WE do this, and when I need the laugh of the day, then I look at Edsilia. ” She also says that in every dress she wears, the colors of the rain bloom flag have been incorporated, as an expression of support to the LGBTQI+ community. Jan told us that he was somewhat insecure in terms of language. He is used to speaking in Dutch and German, English is a bit more difficult for him. Often he wants to be too quick not to be left behind. He realizes that he must maintain his calm and his own pace in this, so as not to stumble over his own words. When asked whether he would like to participate again as an artist in the Festival, he replies in the negative: “I once had that ambition, but I left a number of years behind me. The Eurovision Song Contest is for young people, and I think I’m too old now ” To our question to Edsilla: You participated twice as an artist (she participated at eurovision in 1998 and 2007). What’s more exciting: Participate as a host, or as a singer? she replied: “My heart is with the artists. When I see them backstage I know how they feel. In my heart I am a singer, but this, I have never done anything as big as this, is really great ” Chantal picked up the moments with technical problems during the jury rehearsal and live show flawlessly. As a presenter of various live shows, she did not panic, but made the best of it. She confirms that she is the right person to handle these kinds of moments. She jokes: “In addition to “In de maneschijn ”I have rehearsed 80 songs for moments like this” The quartet comes across as relaxed and relaxed, and they look forward to the next live shows… Just like us.

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Eurovision romance in the air

Eurovision romance in the air!    There have been some rumors going around that there is a love story going on between two artists from Eurovision 2021. It all started when Norwegian Tix wrote a love song dedicated to Azerbaijan and hinted someone with a name starting with an E should see it.    After this adorable song, Tix decided to send some gifts to Efendi’s dressing room. He surprised her with beautiful flowers and milk chocolate.   Video reaction of Efendi.  In response, Efendi also sent gifts to Tix’ dressing room. With the gifts, she also wrote a note proposing a question: “where would you like to go with me? 1) dinner, 2) Baku or 3) Grand Final”. Tix was very surprised and sang “Can you feel the love tonight” in response.   Video reaction Tix.   Tix also posted another Instagram video of him covering the Pokemon theme song after a so called ‘night of drinks’:  “I had a crush on the very best, like no one ever was. The language is my real test, to meet her is my cause. I will travel across Ahoy, searching far and wide.  Teach Efendi to understand, the power that’s inside. Efendi! Gotta meet her!  It’s you and me I know it’s my destiny! Efendi, oh be my girlfriend In a world we must defend  Efendi! Gotta meet her! A heart so true Our courage will pull us through You like me and I like you Efendi! Eurovision love, eurovision love Efendi!”       The two love birds were later spotted, by Wiwibloggs, on a socially distant encounter:      Efendi made the next move with a song and music video dedicated to Tix:  “I know that when you look at me  There’s so much that you just don’t see  But if you would only take the time  I know in my heart you’d find  Youre prepared to fight  Who knows what’s right or wrong  If you respect this side of me  I think we’ll get along  I wanna sing to you  I wanna sing to you  We’re both in semi 1  Grand final here we come  I wanna sing with you  I wanna sing with you  Tell me, will we cry   Or will we qualify?”    You can watch their Eurovision Saga develop here:  

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Icelandic broadcaster: COVID infection among Daði og Gagnamagnið (UPDATE)

One of the members of the Icelandic group Daði og Gagnamagnið, Jóhann Sigurður Jóhannsson, has been tested positive on COVID19. Icelandic head of press Rúnar Freyr Gíslason stated this on the website of Icelandic broadcaster RÚV. The positive test makes it unlikely that the Icelandic team will perform today at the rehearsals. It is also unlikely that the group will perform in the live show tomorrow. It is, according to Gíslasson, not sure whether Daði og Gagnamagnið will perform on Saturday if they reach the final. It is likely that one of the recordings of previous rehearsals will be used for the live broadcasts where the group can’t take the stage in person. A statement by EBU has not been made yet. To be continued…. UPDATE: A statement from the EBU says the following: “In close collaboration with the EBU and the host broadcaster, Daði og Gagnamagnið have taken the difficult decision to withdraw from performing in this year’s live Eurovision Song Contest shows, as they only want to perform together as a group. Their song will remain in the competition and we will broadcast their rehearsal performance, recorded on the stage on 13 May.” photo credits: EBU

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Reactions: the artists who missed the final

Six countries, so six artists missed the final yesterday evening. Five of them already knew they would go to Eurovision more than a year ago. They were supposed to represent their country in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Only the Croatian Albina was recently selected for the contest. Most of them showed a reaction at their social media. We did a small view: Vasil (North Macedonia) and Roxen (Romania) haven’t given a reaction so far. Montaigne did, but she did not mention her result in Eurovision in it. She says that it is a good moment to advertise for a t-shirt she wore. Albina (Croatia): Did we make you dancin’ ? Well that’s most important! Sending you a lot of positive energy, and thank you for the love you are sending us. Everything happens for a reason – can’t wait to see what’s coming for me next. Lesley Roy (Ireland): I gave it my all for Ireland for the last 18+ months! I am so grateful for such an amazing team and creative staging. This Eurovision experience has been so memorable during such a historic time for everyone across the globe. Thank you @rteone, @michaelkealy1, everyone on my team, my friends, my family, my wife and the Irish cousins. Ana Soklic: There’s only one life and in Christ.. everything is.. already DONE! She places a YouTube video of the song “Everything is done” by Kim Burrell. Team Eurovision Universe would like to thank them all for being in the Eurovision Song Contest. in cooperation with Eurovision Artists.

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