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Road to Rotterdam: Malta

Who says Destiny, says Eurovision. In 2015 she won the Junior Song Contest. In 2019 she gave vocal support to Maltese candidate Michela at the ESC. No one had any doubts that Destiny would win X-Factor Malta 2020, and with this victory the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest. For the contest she got the song “All of my love”, but the Eurovision Song Contest was canceled. Malta chose to send Destiny on the road again, this time with “Je me casse”. This song is, at this moment, the hot favorite with the bookies.
Anyone wondering how Destiny Chukunyere got such a non-Maltese name: she has a Nigerian father. Her life does not only consist of song contests: in 2017 she participated in the talent show Brittain’s Got Talent and came sixth there.


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