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Norway continues with 4th semifinal

Today, the fourth semifinal of Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix will start. It can be seen at 19.50 CET, and you can watch it here.

Last year, Ulrikke won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. Norwegian broadcaster NRK however decided that they want a national final with more than one artist and with semifinals. 

Tonight, these are the participants:

  • Kiim, “My lonely voice”
  • Landeveiens Helter, “Alt det der”
  • Marianne Petha & Mikkel Gaup, “Pages”
  • Royane, “Circus”

Rune Rudberg of Landeveiens Helter has been in Melodi Grand Prix in 1989, 1990, 1992, 2001 and 2017. However, he never made it further than a 5th place. Group member Lars Erik Blokkhus was a member of the group Plumbo who took part in 2012. He also was a member of Staysman & Lazz who were 3rd in 2015


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