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Edsilia Rombley: it’s all about the family

Since today we know it: Edsilia Rombley is one of the hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Edsilia already has some experience, and not only by participating in the contest herself.

O well, that ís what she did in fact. Twice, so you might say she likes Eurovision. In 1998, as she was only 20 years old, Edsilia went to Birmingham to represent the Netherlands with “Hemel en aarde”. She became 4th. Rumours go that, when you look at the backup jury only, it was all about Edsilia and her British colleague Imaani. And guess what…. Edsilia’s oldest daughter her name is…. Imaani!

Imaani’s father, Edsilia’s husband, is Tjeerd Oosterhuis. He co-wrote the 2nd Eurovision entry for her, “On top of the world”. But doesn’t sound the name Oosterhuis familiar to you? Yes, you are right! Tjeerd Oosterhuis is Trijntje‘s brother.  In 2015, when her sister in law did participate, Edsilia gave the votes for the Netherlands… in the dress Trijntje didn’t wear in the end, because of all the comments about it!

Besides, Edsilia is an experienced Eurovision host: she hosted Eurovision in Concert twice and she will host a Eurovision event in Amsterdam at 15 december.


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