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Decision about Eurovision made mid-februari

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in May without too many changes, organizer Sietse Bakker hopes. But what the contest will look like exactly is still unclear. The decision about this will be made in mid-February, says Bakker.

Last year, four scenarios were made, varying from a ‘normal’ festival to a complete ‘lockdown festival’, where the participants perform via a live connection without an audience in Ahoy. Bakker says that a conscious choice has been made for scenarios and not for detailed scripts. “That way we are more agile, and we can take maximum advantage if the corona measures go in the right direction.”

Bakker says he does not want to venture into a prediction of what it will look like. “But we are hopeful, because the first vaccinations were taken today in The Netherlands.”

What we don’t know is which of the four scenarios will be used. What we dó know so far is that the contest will take place in Ahoy in Rotterdam anyway. What we also dó know is that the contest will be hosted by Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit and Nikkie Tutorials. In the 2020 version, Nikkie Tutorials would have only been the online host, this year she will be on stage joining the other three hosts.


“Karma”, sung by Anxhela Peristeri, the Albanian entry for this year’s contest.



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