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Eurovision 2021: four scenarios

Today, Sietze Bakker, coordinator of the 2020 and 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, revealed there are four scenarios for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. They are:

  1. A Eurovision Song Contest as you are used to, up until 2021.
  2. A Eurovision Song Contest, dealing with the social distance situation. In the Netherlands, that’s a 1 1/2 meter distance.
  3. If not all the participants are able to be in Rotterdam in May, those who can’t go to the Netherlands will perform in their own country. Those who can will perform in Rotterdam.
  4. A contest in total lockdown.

Sietze Bakker was pretty positive about a contest in any form, possibly A or B. Of course we have seen so far that COVID19 is an unpredictable virus, so he was happy that there is still a lot of time before the decision has to be made.

Sietze also stated that the stage, the ‘Open up” theme and hosts Chantal Janzen, Edsilia rombley and Jan Smit will remain.


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