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UEFA Euro 2020: day 3

Today, we already have the third day of the European soccer chiampionship, UEFA Euro 2020. Let’s dive into  the Eurovision history again with the countries that play today:

First of all we have England against Croatia. England is, and Croatia was, part of a larger country. We take a look at former winners from both the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia. Bucks Fizz won for the UK in 1981; not really because of their singing skills, but especially because of the act. The boys ripped off the girls’ skirts. Three of the four members of Bucks Fizz were English; Mike Nolan originates from Ireland. The only ever Yugoslav winner is a band from Zadar, Croatia: Riva. They won with “Rock me”. Singer Emilia Kokić is still active and participated in Croatian national finals many times.

Austria and North Macedonia will compete too. Both countries had their biggest success with a diva singing a beautiful ballad. In 2014, Austria won the contest with Conchita Wurst and her song “Rise like a phoenix”. Tamara Todevska did not manage to win the entire contest for North Macedonia in 2019, but she won the jury vote with her song “Proud”.

And the third match will be between Ukraine and The Netherlands. That could have been the big battle of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest as well. Maruv, who won the Ukrainian final with the song “Siren song”, was one of the favorites rightaway. But Ukrainian tv decided to disqualify the singer, due to political reasons. The contest was left without a favorite until Dutch Duncan Laurence presented his song “Arcade”. And we all know what happened with thát song….


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