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Norway selects: Melodi Grand Prix final

Tonight is the night Norway select it’s song. After three semifinals, it is time for the Melodi Grand Prix final. Out of 9 songs, the Norwegian Eurovision entrant will be chosen. The show starts at 19.50 and you can watch it here. These are the 9 songs:


1 Jone Ekko inni meg
2 Eline Thorp Not meant to be
3 Skrellex Love again
4 Ulrikke Brandstorp Honestly
5 Umami Tsunami Geronimo
6 Atle Pettersen Masterpiece
7 Swing’it Prohibition
8 Elsie Bay Love you in a dream
9 Alessandra Queen of kings

Ulrikke took part in 2017 (4th) and 2020 (1st). However, in 2020 the festival was cancelled and her song “Attention” thus never reached the Eurovision stage.
Atle Pettersen sang in the 2021 final.
Elsie Bay took part in 2022, reached the 2nd round in the final.


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