Norway: Melodi Grand Prix, semifinal 2

Tonight knows the second semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Three semifinals will all contain 7 songs. 3 of them will be selected to go to the final, chosen by 100% televoting.

The show starts at 19:50 CET and you can watch it here. The participants are:

  1. Jone sings “Ekko inni meg”
  2. Sandra Lyng sings “Drøm d bort”
  3. Alejandro Fuentes sings “Fuego”
  4. Swing’it sing “Prohibition”
  5. Elsie Bay sings “Love you in a dream”
  6. Ella sings “Waist”
  7. Bjørn Olav Edvardsen sings “Turn of my heart”


Alejandro Fuentes took part in Melodi Grand Prix in 2018 (1st round).
Elsie Bay took part in 2022, reached the 2nd round in the final.
Ella took part in 2017 (1st round).


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