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January 21, 2023

Lithuania: Pabandom iš naujo results are in

The results of Pabandom iš naujo are in. Here is the full result of the first round. The first ten songs are in bold letters: Rūta Mur sings “So low”, 24 pt. Gabrielus Vagelis sings “Šauksmas”, 16 pt. Alen Chicco sings “Do you”, 15 pt. Justė Kraujelytė sings “Need more fun”, 13 pt. Paulina Paukštaitytė sings “Let me think about me”, 12 pt. Noy sings “Destiny’s Child”, 12 pt. Il Senso sings “Spamai”, 8 pt. Joseph June sings “Vacuum”, 6 pt. Baiba sings “When the lights go out”, 5 pt. Luknė sings “Paradise”, 3 pt. Justa Rubežiūtė sings “When I’ll find”, 2 pt. Aistė Pilvelytė sings “We’re not running”, 2 pt. Multiks sings “London”, 1 pt. W.I. sings “You can not”, 0 pt. Justin3 ft. DJ AusufYno sing “Not giving up”, 0 pt.

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Elsie Bay is back! MGP semi final 2 results

the clock strucks 9 P.M. in Norway, and the Melodi Grand Prix results came in.  Jone, Elsie Bay, and Swing It are trough to the final in Trondheim! There were some familliar faces in the second semi final, and one of those faces managed to qualify! Elsie Bay isn’t new to the Eurovision family, as she competed in Melodi Grand Prix last year with her song “Death Of Us”. She then reached the second round of the final, but will “Love You In A Dream” take the victory this year? Jone was the second qualifier of the night! His EDM pop song “Ekko Inni Meg” was voted for by a lot of his fans. The staging has a neon kind of vibe, and we expect him to go even bigger in the final.   And last but not least we have the fun nostalgic retro band Swing It that we will see again in Trondheim. Their 1920’s inspired party song “Prohibition” made a whole part of Norway swing indeed. 

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Lithuania: Pabandom iš naujo 2023 starts

Lithuania starts with their national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest, Pabandom iš naujo. The first quarter final will be held tonight at 20.00 and can be watched here and on YouTube. Out of 15 songs, 10 will head to the semifinals. The songs of tonight are: Aistė Pilvelytė sings “We’re not running” Joseph June sings “Vacuum” Il Senso sings “Spamai” W.I. sings “You can not” Multiks sings “London” Luknė sings “Paradise” Gabrielus Vagelis sings “Šauksmas” Alen Chicco sings “Do you” Rūta Mur sings “So low” Justin3 ft. DJ AusufYno sing “Not giving up” Baiba sings “When the lights go out” Justa Rubežiūtė sings “When I’ll find” Noy sings “Destiny’s Child” Paulina Paukštaitytė sings “Let me think about me” Justė Kraujelytė sings “Need more fun”   Aistė Pilvelytė participated in 1999, was 11th in 2004, 9th in 2005, 6th in 2006, 3rd in 2007, 2nd in 2008, 2nd in 2010, reached the 3rd round in 2014, 4th in 2016, 2nd in 2017, 5th in 2020.Joseph June reached the semifinals in 2022.Multiks was 14th in 2012 and took part in the semifinals in 2013.Gabrielus Vagelis took part in 2013 (semifinals), 2017 (5th), 2020 (semifinals), 2021 (semifinals).Alen Chicco took part in 2019 (5th) and 2020 (semifinal).Justin3 participated in 2017 (heats), 2018 (heats) and 2022 (quarter finals).Baiba sang before in 2013 (heats) and 2016 (heats).Justė Kraujelytė was there last year and became 6th.

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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix, semifinal 2

Tonight knows the second semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Three semifinals will all contain 7 songs. 3 of them will be selected to go to the final, chosen by 100% televoting. The show starts at 19:50 CET and you can watch it here. The participants are: Jone sings “Ekko inni meg” Sandra Lyng sings “Drøm d bort” Alejandro Fuentes sings “Fuego” Swing’it sing “Prohibition” Elsie Bay sings “Love you in a dream” Ella sings “Waist” Bjørn Olav Edvardsen sings “Turn of my heart”   Alejandro Fuentes took part in Melodi Grand Prix in 2018 (1st round).Elsie Bay took part in 2022, reached the 2nd round in the final.Ella took part in 2017 (1st round).

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