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Moldova selects a song

Tonight Moldova will select an entry. Will it be one of the returning artists we see back in Liverpool? Ten songs will compete in Etapa Națională. The show starts at 18:00 CET and you can watch it here, on YouTube and on Facebook.

These are the participants:

1 Donia Red zone
2 OL Why you play it cool
3 Victor Gulick Let’s dance
4 Surrorile Osoianu Bade, bădişor, bădiţă
5 Cosmina Indestructible
6 Nördika Damn and down
7 Aliona Moon Du-mă
8 Sunstroke Project Yummy mommy
9 Pasha Parfeny Soarele şi luna
10 Corina Ivanov When love’s real

Surorile Osoianutook part in 2017 together with Ethno Republic. They were the winners together with Sunstroke Project, but televoting decided that Sunstroke Project was the entry.
Aliona Moon
 represented Moldova in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with “A milllion”.
Sunstroke Projectrepresented Moldova in 2010 with Olia Tira and the song “Run away”, and in 2017 with “Hey mamma!”. Beside, they took part in the 2015 national selection with Michael Ra (3rd).
Pasha Parfeni
 took part in 2007 (internal selection), 2010 (2nd), 2012 (1st, represented Moldova with the song “Lautar”), 2020 (2nd). Besides, he wrote the Eurovision entry for Aliona Moon (2013).


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