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Malta: second quarterfinal MESC 2023

Tonight, Malta heads to the second quarter final of MESC (Malta Eurovision Song Contest). The show starts on 21.00 CET and you can watch it here. Four quarter finals will be held. Out of 13 songs, 8 will be chosen to go to the semifinal. The songs are:

  • Brooke sings “Checkmate”
  • Dan sings “It’ll be OK”
  • Dario sings “Pawn in a game”
  • Dario Bezzina sings “Briddle road”
  • Francesca Sciberras sings “Masquerade”
  • Ian sings “On my own”
  • Kirstie sings “Girl get down”
  • Lyndsay sings “Haunted”
  • Marie Claire sings “Thankful”
  • Mark Anthony Bartolo sings “Tears”
  • Matt Blxck sings “Up”
  • Maxine Pace sings “Alone”
  • The Busker sings “Dance (to your own party)”


Brooke took part in MESC 2016 and became 2nd, in 2017 she was 4th and in 2018 3rd.
Dan took part in X-Factor 2020 and reached the 7th show.
Dario took part in the 2016 semifinal.
Dario Bezzina sang in the 2009 semifinal (with Grecia Bezzina), and in the 2010 semifinal.
Francesca Sciberras was involved in the X-Factor 2020 auditions.
Lyndsay took part in 2016 (semifinal) and in X-Factor 2019 (6th show).
Mark Anthony Bartolo reached the 13th show in X-Factor 2019 and took part in MESC 2022 (11th).
Matt Blxck took part in X-Factor 2019 (9th show) and 2020 auditions and in MESC 2022 (7th).
Maxine took part in 2016 (5th) and 2017 (6th).


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