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Sweden: Melodifestivalen starts (UPDATE)

The famous Swedish national selection Melodifestivalen will start tonight. The show will start at 20.00 CET and you can watch it here. Two participants will go directly to the final, while two others will go to the semifinal (what was previously called ‘andra chancen’). These are the participants: 

  1. Malou Prytz, “Bananas”
  2. Theoz, “Som du vill” (semifinal)
  3. Shirley Clamp, “Let there be angels”
  4. Omar Rudberg, “Moving like that”
  5. Danne Stråhed, “Hallabaloo” (semifinal)
  6. Cornelia Jakobs, “Hold me closer” (final)
  7. Robin Bengtsson, “Innocent love” (final)


Malou Prytz became 12th in the 2019 final and ended up in andra chancen in 2020.
Shirley Clamp took part in 2003 (semifinal), 2004 (2nd), 2005 (4th), 2009 (semifinal) and 2014 (semifinal).
Omar Rudberg took part in the 2019 semifinal.
Robin Bengtsson took part in 2016 (5th), 2017 (winner) and 2020 (8th). He represented Sweden in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.


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