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Norway: 4th semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix (UPDATE)

Tonight is the night of 4th semifinal of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. You can follow the show here. It starts at 19.50 CET. Two times two songs will have a duel; both the winning songs will compete for 1 ticket to the final. One other song, that goes directly to the final, will be presented too. This week, it will be Subwoolfer with the song “Give that wolf a banana”.

first duel:
Alexandra Joner with “Hasta la vista” vs Maria Mohn with “Fly”

Second duel:
Kim Wigaard with “Melodia” vs Sofie Fjellvang with “Made of glass”


Maria Mohn with “Fly” vs Sofie Fjellvang with “Made of glass”

Alexandra Joner took part in the 2015 Melodi Grand Prix final.
Kim Wigaard and Maria Mohn sang a duet in the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix semifinal.
Rumour has it that JOWST is one of the members of Subwoolfer. He represented Norway in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.


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