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Malta: MESC 2022 has it’s final

After the semifinal last saturday, there will be a final in Malta tonight with 16 songs. The show starts at 21.00 CET and you can watch it here. These are the 16 contestants:

1 Electric indigo Baklava ft. Nicole
2 How special you are Norbert
3 Come around Matt BLXCK
4 Revelación Giada
5 Kaleidoscope Jessika
6 Over you Raquel
7 A lover’s heart Nicole Hammett
8 Look what you’ve done now Miriana Conte
9 Into the fire Nicole Azzopardi
10 Heaven Sarah Bonnici
11 Shame Enya Magri
12 Boy Denise
13 Out of sight Emma Muscat
14 Army Janice Mangion
15 Serenity Mark Anthony Bartolo
16 Ritmu Aidan Cassar
17 Hey little Richard Edwards


Aidan Cassar became 4th in 2018 and took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Baklava became 18th in 2009, took part in the 2010 semifinal and became 6th in 2011.
Denise took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Enya Magri took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Janice Mangion took part in the 2012 semifinal, became 2nd in 2017 and took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Jessika Muscattook part in the 200820092010 semifinal, became 15th in 2011, took part in the 2012 semifinal, became 8th in 2014 and represented San Marino in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.
Mark Anthony Bartolo took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Matt Blxck took part in X-Factor Malta 2020.
Miriana Conte became 16th in 2017, 12th in 2018 and took part in X-Factor Malta 2020 as a member of Chord.
Nicole Azzopardi took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Nicole Hammett took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Norbert Bondin became 6th in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Raquel took part in X-Factor Malta 2019.
Richard Edwards took part in the 2010 semifinals, became 2nd in 2011, 5th in 2012, became 5th in 2013, won in 2014 with the band Firelight and thus represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, and became 13th in 2017.
Sarah Bonicci took part in the X-Factor Malta in 2019.


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