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Quick Facts

Miruna Manescu
Samuel Forster
Emanuel Daniel Andriescu


🇨🇭 Swiss (Samuel)
🇷🇴 Romanian (Miruna and Emanuel)

National Selection
ESC 2017 – Die Entscheidungsshow
ESC 2015 – Die Entscheidungsshow

In Eurovision
2017 Kyiv

Apollo (2017)


Timebelle started as a 6 man band. Miruna Manescu was the lead vocalist. Other members were Christoph Siegrist (guitar), Sandor Törok (bass-guitar), Samuel Forster (drums), Rade Mijatovic (accordion) and Emanuel Daniel Andriescu (saxophone, clarinet, piano). The men were students in Bern. They formed the band Imports Ltd. first. Later, they started Timebelle, with Miruna as the singer.
The band took part in the 2015 national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. They played the song “Singing about love” and reached the 2nd place. The song was followed by two singles: “Desperado” and “Are you ready?”. On 10 October 2015, the band released an EP called “Desperado”.
In December 2016 the band announced they were going to take part in ESC 2017 – Die Entscheidungsshow. The band was now reduced to a trio, with Rade, Sandor and Christoph having left the band. Their song, “Apollo”, won the national selection and represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they did not reach the final. In November of the same year, the band featured in the Soundland track “Come around”.
In 2018, the band kept working together with Sounland in a new song, “Heartache”. On 16 November, a video “Tocame” was released, which was a collaboration with Sunstroke Project.
A year later, they teamed up with Soundland again for a new song, “Movin’ on”. In May 2019, they were able to perform in the Euroclub in Tel Aviv, where the Eurovision Song Contest was held that year. They also performed at the summer fest in Chisinau, Moldova. A new song, “Black sea”, was released in September.
The band teamed up with Alizé Oswald for a new song, “Beautiful people”, which was released in January 2020. In collaboration with Alejandro Reyes, who took part in ESC 2018 – Die Entscheidungsshow, Timebelle released the song “Rapido” in September 2020. A second song with Alejandro, “Barba”, came out a year later.
“Dopamina” was a new song by the band in 2021, followed by “About us”, “No se puede” and “No te vayas de aqui”. With Runa and Nosfe they released “Palatul de crom” and “Garsoniera din obor”, a Romanian production. It brought them performances in Romania. Meanwhile, Samuel Forster had left the band, which means that Timebelle was a duo from then on.
On 18 March, 2022, Timebelle came up with a new song and video, ” ’96”, followed by “$1” in 2022.



🇨🇭 Switzerland



Elias Näslin
Nicolas Günthardt
Alessandra Günthardt

Elias Näslin
Nicolas Günthardt
Alessandra Günthardt

Tanja Dankner
Nyssina Swerissen
Nori Rickenbacher

Results Semi

Points: 97
Position: 12
Running order: 13

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –