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Quick Facts

Tamta Goduadze

10 January 1981

ūüá¨ūüá™ Georgian
ūüá¨ūüá∑ Greek

National Selection
Internal Selection 2019
Eurovision 2007 (Greece)

In Eurovision
2019 Tel Aviv

Replay (2019)


Tamta Godouatze, known by her stagename Tamta, is a Greek-Georgian singer who lives and works mainly in Greece. She was born in a village near Tbilisi in the Georgian SSR where she spent her childhood. 

In 2003 Tamta became 2nd in the show Super Idol.¬† In the same year, she released the song “E√≠sai to √°llo mou mis√≥” together with the winner, Stavros Konstantinou. It quickly became a radio success.¬†

In early 2006, she released her first album, entitled “Tamta”. Her first solo song, entitled “Ftais”, was a great success. The songs “Den telei√≥nei √©tsi i ag√°pi” and the duet with Grigoris Petrakos “Einai krima” also stood out from the same album. In May 2006, she appeared at the Mad Video Music Awards with Mihai Traistaru. They sang his Eurovision song “Tornero”. In addition, she was awarded the “Best New Artist” award.¬† Also in 2006, she was awarded the best debut singer at the Arion Music Awards. She was one of the key voices in the children’s film “Arthur and the minimoys”.

In 2007, Tamta participated in the Greek final of Eurovision, with the song “With Love”. She became 3rd. In the winter season 2007-2008, performed at the “K√©ntro Athin√≥n” with Giannis Ploutarchos, Apostolia Zoi and Giannis Vardis. At the same time, she could be heard at the soundtrack of the tv- series “Latrem√©noi mou Ge√≠tones”. In December 2007, she released the album “Agapise Me”.

In 2008, she performed a duet with Stereo Mike at the Mad VIdeo Music Awards,”S’ √ďpoion Ar√©sei”, which became one of the biggest hits of the summer.¬†In mid-2009 she released the single “Ko√≠ta Me”, while the same summer she made a big summer tour.

In the same year, she became the ambassador of the cosmetics company Avon for the extras against breast cancer. In mid-2010 she released her third solo album entitled “Th√°rros √≠ Al√≠theia”. The tite song “Th√°rros √≠ Al√≠theia” was a duet with Sakis Rouvas. At the MAD Video Music Awards, they won the prize for best duet with the song “Egoista”.

In the winter season 2010-11, Tamta starred in the Greek version of the musical “Rent”. In February 2011 the song “Tonight” was released in collaboration with the Playmen, which became a great success.¬† In January 2012, her song “Ni√≥se Tin Kardi√°” became the biggest radio success of the country for that period. In the summer of 2012 he made a big tour in Greece and Cyprus. In addition, she released the song “Konta Sou” managing to reach the first place on the radio charts again.¬†

In 2013 she released the songs “Pare Me” and “S ‘Agapao”. In 2014, she released her new song “Always Broken” with Xenia Galli. This particular song was first released in Greek, entitled “Genn√≠thika Gia S√©na”.

In the 2014-2015 season she was on the jury of The X-Factor Georgia.. In 2015 she released two songs: “Den E√≠mai √ď,ti Nom√≠zeis” and “Unloved”. In 2016 she released the song “To Kati Parapano”. In 2016 and 2017 she was on the jury of The X-Factor Greece. The song “√ćlious kai Th√°lasses” was released, which was also released in English, entitled “More Than A Summer Love”.

In the winter season 2017-2018, she starred in the Greek performance of the musical “Cabaret” in the Pallas Theater. In 2018 she released three new songs.

On December 21, 2018, the Cypriot broadcaster RIK announced that Tamta was going to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest. She became 13th in the final. In 2019, in addition to “Replay”, two more songs were released: “Se√Īorita” in collaboration with SNIK and “Sex With Your Ex”.

In 2020, three songs were released: “S ‘Agapo”, “Yala” in collaboration with Stefan Legar and “Den Eisai Edo” in collaboration with Mente Fuerte. On July 3, the English-language EP “Awake” was released. Tamta participated in MadWalk – The Fashion Music Project, performing her new song, “N.E.R.O.” (ft. IAMSTRONG).¬†



ūüá®ūüáĺ Cyprus



Alex Papaconstantinou
Geraldo Sandell
Viktor Svensson
Albin Nedler
Kristoffer Fogelmark

Alex Papaconstantinou
Geraldo Sandell
Viktor Svensson
Albin Nedler
Kristoffer Fogelmark

Kristoffer Fogelmark
Lamin Camara Holmén
Kenny Lantz
Niklas Arleryd
Benjamin Trossö

Results Semi

Points: 149
Position: 9
Running order: 1

Results Finals

Points: 109
Position: 13
Running order: 11