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Stereo Mike


Quick Facts

Mihalis Exarchos

04 July 1978

🇬🇷 Greek
🇬🇧 British

National Selection
Ellinikós Telikós 2011

In Eurovision
2011 Düsseldorf

Watch My Dance (& Loucas Yiorkas, 2011)


Mihalis Exarchos, widely known by his stage name Stereo Mike, was born in 1978 in Piraeus, Greece. His heritage is a blend of Greek from his father’s side and Croatian from his mother, who hails from Rijeka. At 18, Exarchos ventured to the UK to pursue higher education in music, attending Leeds Metropolitan and the University of Westminster. There, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology and a Master’s degree in Sound Production.

During his academic years, Exarchos honed his skills as a sound producer at Vault Recording Studios in Hackney, London. His work there involved collaborations with notable British hip hop artists such as Klashnekoff, Bury Crew, Skinnyman, Taskforce, Iceberg Slimm, Mike GLC, and JMC.

His career took a significant turn when he joined AMG Records, leading to his first recording contract under the name ‘Stereo Mike’ with Mo’ Money Recording$. His debut album, “Satirical Nomads,” released by Mo’ Money Recording$ and licensed to Universal Music Greece, featured impactful singles like the anti-racism anthem “O Allos Babis” and the remix “I Polis.” Apart from his recording career, he also took up

a post-graduate lecturing position at the University of Westminster in London, sharing his expertise in music production.

Stereo Mike’s impact in the music scene was further recognized when he was nominated for the Mad Video Music Awards in 2005 and 2008, in categories including “Best Hip-Hop Video Clip” and “Video Clip of the Year.” His second album, titled “XLI3H” (leet speak for the Greek word “Εξέλιξη,” meaning “evolution”), marked another milestone in his career and was signed with Minos EMI. Concurrently, he engaged in research work towards a PhD in music.

A significant highlight in Stereo Mike’s career was becoming the first MTV EMA Award winner in the “Best Greek Act” category following MTV’s regional launch in Greece in 2008. His recognition expanded to a nomination for Europe’s Favourite Act in the same year.

In 2011, Stereo Mike teamed up with Loucas Yiorkas to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany. Their performance of “Watch My Dance” earned them a respectable seventh place, scoring 120 points and further cementing Stereo Mike’s status as a prominent figure in the Greek hip-hop scene.

Right after the Eurovision Song Contest, the single “Apla zoi” was released, followed by “Boro”, a single chosen by fans via Facebook. As a part of the project Schizm he released the single “Akoma” with Constantine.

In 2012 Stereo Mike released a new single, “Opou me pai mousiki”. He collaborated with Despina Olympiou in the song “To neo tragoudi tis”. In October 2012 he signed with Imiz Biz Entertainment.

In March 2013 Stereo Mike got the opportunity to perform at the festival SXSW in Austin, Texas. There was a documentary made about this journey. In November of the same year he teamed up with Mindtrap and Irène for the track “Tonight and Forever”. In 2014 he featured in D-Light’s “Anthrope xypna”. He produced the song “Dream Big” for Hellena, which became an international hit. He was also member of her band. He also released a solo single, “Akoma edo”.

In 2015 the contract Stereo Mike had with EMI ended. However, Mike kept on performing and recording. He did his producing work in his home studio. In 2016 he started the Hip Hop Time Machine; a doctorate research – passion music project of Stereo Mike. His aim? To apply vintage production techniques to contemporary Hip-Hop in pursuit of ‘sample-based’ impact and authenticity: producing multiple records within a record. In the same year, Mike also performed with the band LaKlikaria and their song “GoogleDatShit”.

In 2019, Stereo Mike went on tour with Asympt Man, as a bass player now. They performed in the USA. In December of that year, he contributed to the Innovation in Music conference in London. In 2020 he made a Cambridge Scholar Publishing: Interpreting the Synthesizer – Meaning Through Sonics. 

Mike contributed to the (digital) book Analyzing Recorded Music – Collected Perspectives On Popular Music Tracks and released his own book Reimagining Sample-based Hip Hop in July 2023. It came along with the dual album “KATALH3H (Beats Deluxe)”.


Watch My Dance (& Loucas Yiorkas)

🇬🇷 Greece



Eleana Vrachali

Giannis Christodoulopoulos

Pavlos Manogiannakis
Manos Davarias
Giannis Saikin
Michalis Spiridis

Results Semi

Points: 133
Position: 1
Running order: 19

Results Finals

Points: 120
Position: 7
Running order: 9