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Rui Bandeira

Name:Rui Pedro Neto de Mello Bandeira
National Finals:

Festival da Canção 1999

ESC Entries:Como tudo começou (1999)


Rui Bandeira was born in the then Portuguese colonial territory of Mozambique, in Nampula. He came to Portugal when he was 2 years old.

He took his first steps in music by learning to play keyboards at a music school when he was eight years old. Around 15, he began to compose his first songs within the church. In the next 10 years, until 1997, four albums were released, two by a band he was a founder of and the last two already solo.

In 1999, he won the 36th Festival RTP da Canção, with the song “Como tudo começou”. He represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest that same year.

His first disc with national projection is the album “Como tudo começou”, which was released in March 1999. That year he also represented Portugal at the Cairo International Festival, in Egypt, where he was ranked 4th out of 32 countries, with his interpretation of “Make this World”.

The album “Mais” was released in 2000. “Mais (Eu Te Dou)”, was the first single. In 2001, he released the album “Magia do Amor”, which includes a duet with Tiago.

In 2003, he participated in the television show Academia dos Famosos, on TVI, and launched the compilation qalbum “Momentos”.

The album “Destino” was released in 2004. The album sold more than 10,000 units and Bandeira received the Silver Disc award for the first time. This work includes a duet with the Portuguese tenor Carlos Guilherme.

The year 2005 is marked by the album “Duas Vidas”. In 2006 he released an album called “Só Deus Sabe”.

Also in 2006, his first DVD was recorded, which would be released the following year. The Live DVD is based on themes from the album
“Só Deus Sabe” and also includes three themes from other albums. Thus, in 2007, the album “Ao Vivo” was released.

In April 2009, the album “O Nosso Amor (álbum de Rui Bandeira)” was released. The songs “Deus abençoou o nosso amor”, “Vou embora mas vou feliz” and the ballads “Sei que não vais esquecer” and “Esquece o que aconteceu” stand out from this album.

In 2010, the album “Um dia vais voltar” is edited. In 2011, he released the live album “Coliseu”. In 2010, Rui released a double album with DVD of the concert held at Coliseu do Porto. In 2012, the album “Chegou a Hora” is edited. This is followed in 2013 by the album “Sempre a pensar em vocês”.

In 2014, Vidisco released the compilation “15 Anos”. In 2015, the album “Sente” is edited. In 2017, the CD “Tudo Por Amor” is released.


Artist:Rui Bandeira
Song:Como tudo começou
Lyrics:Tó Andrade
Composer(s):Jorge do Carmo

Fernanda Lopes

Filipa Lourenço

Jorge do Carmo

Tó Andrade


Running order:16