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Nina Zilli


Quick Facts

Maria Chiara Fraschetta

02 February 1980

🇮🇹 Italian

National Selection
Festival Di Sanremo 2018
Festival Di Sanremo 2015
Festival Di Sanremo 2012

In Eurovision
2012 Baku

L’amore è Femmina (Out Of Love) (2012)


Nina Zilli, originally from Piacenza, showcased her musical inclinations early, performing in bands at just thirteen. Her formative years saw her absorbing diverse cultural experiences, notably a stint in Ireland where she honed her English language skills. The foundation of her musical journey began in 1997 with the band, The Jerks. Later on, her time in the United States, coupled with her studies in Public Relations at Milan’s IULM University, further broadened her horizons.

Venturing into television, Nina marked her presence as an MTV VJ and later co-hosted Roxy Bar. Musically, she collaborated with notable acts from the rocksteady/reggae genre, embarking on tours and producing singles like “Tutti al mare” in 2001.

2009 was pivotal for Nina as she signed with Universal, adopting the moniker ‘Nina Zilli’, inspired by Nina Simone and her mother’s surname. Her breakout single, “50mila”, received acclaim, finding its way into films and video games. She effortlessly blended soulful tunes with 60’s vibes, notably with “L’amore verrà,” reminiscent of the iconic Supremes’ hit.

Nina’s participation in the 2010 Sanremo Festival brought significant recognition. With her song “L’uomo che amava le donne”, she clinched multiple awards and her track garnered gold certification. Her album “Sempre lontano” mirrored this success, achieving platinum status. She continued to make her mark in the industry with performances, award recognitions, and collaborations.

In 2012, Nina Zilli made significant strides in her music career. She was announced as a participant in the renowned Sanremo Festival with her song “Per sempre,” which set the stage for her second album, “L’amore è femmina.” This album featured collaborations, most notably with Carmen Consoli, on the track “Un’altra estate.” “Per sempre” earned a platinum certification after securing over 30,000 digital downloads. That year, she also graced the stage at the Rome’s May 1st Concert, co-hosted “Panariello non esiste” with Giorgio Panariello, and represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

Throughout the subsequent years, Zilli remained active in the music scene. In 2013, she appeared in a televised musical event with Gianni Morandi, performing the duet “Parla più piano.” 2014 saw her penning songs for other artists, collaborating on tracks, and being announced as a contestant in the 2015 Sanremo Festival with the song “Sola.” Alongside this, she released her third studio album “Frasi & fumo,” which was primarily a collaboration with Neffa.

Her stint as a judge in the 2015 season of “Italia’s Got Talent” showcased another side of Zilli. In 2016, she co-hosted the show “Sogno e son desto” and contributed to Loredana Bertè’s album.

Zilli’s fourth album, “Modern Art,” dropped in 2017, exemplifying a blend of modern and urban-tropical sounds. In the subsequent years, she participated in various music festivals, released several singles, and continued collaborations with other Italian artists, including a significant one with Diodato at the 70th Sanremo Festival in 2020.

In recent times, Zilli has been active with singles like “Schiacciacuore” and “Señorita,” the latter being a collaboration with Clementino. 2022 and 2023 saw her teaming up with Danti on tracks like “Munsta” and “Innamorata (F_U),” showcasing her continuous evolution as an artist.


Song Title

🇮🇹 Italy



Nina Zilli
Christian Rabb
Kristoffer Sjökvist
Frida Molander
Charlie Mason

Nina Zilli
Christian Rabb
Kristoffer Sjökvist
Frida Molander
Charlie Mason

Christina Bertarello
Vhelade Bale Mura
Marco Guerzoni

Results Semi

Points: –
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Results Finals

Points: 101
Position: 9
Running order: 10