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Nadav Guedj

© Elena Volotova/EBU


Quick Facts

Nadav Guedj

02 November 1998

🇮🇱 Israeli

National Selection
HaKokhav Haba 2015

In Eurovision
2015 Vienna

Golden Boy (2015)


Nadav Guedj (born November 2, 1998 in Paris) is an Israeli singer and actor.  When he was three years old, his family moved to Israel and settled in the village of Neve Yamin. When he was 13, his parents divorced, and a year later, he moved with his mother and brother to live in Netanya. He served as a vocalist in the band “Tza’irei HaSharon,” the representative band of the city of Netanya.

Guedj enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in November 2016 and was assigned to an army band in the Education Corps.

In December 2014, Guedj became known for the first time when he started participating in the second season of the reality show Hakokhav Haba, the show in order to select the contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest. The prizes for winning the show included an air conditioner, an iPhone 6, a one-year communication package, and representing Israel at Eurovision 2015, held in Vienna, Austria. He performed the song “Golden Boy”. The song received over twenty million views on YouTube and reached the top spot twice on the Israeli Media Forest chart, as well as ranking third in the 100fm chart. In the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, he finished in 9th place out of 27 countries.

In August 2015, Guedj filmed the music video for the song “Summer Together,” written and composed by Doron Medalie. The video was funded by Coca-Cola’s Summer Love events. In the same month, he released his third single, “Good Vibes,” written and composed by Ruby Feier and Guedj himself, with musical production by Yanon Yahel. The song reached the top spot on the Israeli Media Forest chart. In November 2015, Guedj released his fourth single, “Jump,” which he composed together with Ruby Feier. In March 2016, he released the ballad “Make You Mine.” Later that year, he released his debut album, self-titled “Nadav Guedj.”

In December 2017, Guedj released his first Hebrew-language single, “Ulai nidaber” which he also composed with Kfir Ben Salman.

On August 19, 2018, he released his second single from his second album, “Ma at omra”.

In July 2019, he released the single “38 Ma’alot” which is also the theme song from the movie “Full Gaz” directed by Kobi Mahat. Guedj also appeared as an actor in the film. In November 2019, he released his fourth single from his second album, “Lirkod”.

Acting Career Guedj started his acting career in 2019 when he joined the cast of the third season of the youth series “Kadabra” in the role of Adi Gaon. In the same year, he played the role of Didi in Kobi Mahat’s film “Full Gaz”

In 2021, he had a guest role in the sequel series. On 29 September of that year, his song and video “Auto plastic” was released.


Golden Boy

🇮🇱 Israel



Doron Medalie

Doron Medalie

Hananel Edri
Imri Ziv

Dor Raybi
Tomer Tenenboym
Adam Cohen

Results Semi

Points: 151
Position: 3
Running order: 9

Results Finals

Points: 97
Position: 9
Running order: 3