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Quick Facts

Vlatko Lozanoski

27 June 1985

🇲🇰 North Macedonian

National Selection
Internal selection 2013
Skopje Fest 2010
Skopje Fest 2009

In Eurovision
2013 Malmö

Pred Da Se Razdeni (with Esma Redžepova)


Vlatko Lozanoski, popularly known as Lozano, is a prominent Macedonian singer born on June 27, 1985.

Lozano made his debut on the music scene during the talent show Mak Dzvezdi which ran from September 2007 to May 2008. Not long after, he clinched the top spot at Macedonia’s first Radio Festival, Svezdena Nok , with his song “Vrati Me” – which was also his first single. He soon released another single titled “Obicen Bez Tebe”.

In 2008, he showcased “Vremeto Da Zastane” at MakFest, North Macedonia’s premier music festival. This performance earned him the Debut Prize. Just two days later, he achieved another accolade: the MakFest Grand Prix, determined by audience votes. His subsequent single was “Sonce Ne Me Gree”.

In 2009, Lozano sought to represent North Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Singing “Blisku Do Mene,” he secured fourth place in the national selection Skopje Fest. That same year, Lozano made his presence felt internationally, securing the second prize at both the Pjesma Mediterana Festival in Budva, Montenegro, and the Slavianski Bazar Festival in Vitebsk, Belarus. Another significant achievement that year was his duet “I’m Your Angel” with Magdalena Cvetkoska at the Golden Wings Festival in Moldova, where they clinched the second prize and Lozano was acknowledged as the Best Male Voice.

The year 2010 marked another milestone in his career with the release of his debut album, aptly titled “Lozano”. In the same year, he vied for a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Letam kon tebe”, finishing fourth in the national selection.

The end of 2012 brought exciting news for Lozano’s fans. On December 28th, Macedonian Radio-Television (MRT) confirmed that Lozano, in collaboration with the legendary Esma Redžepova, would represent North Macedonia in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. They performed “Pred da se razdeni”. Despite their combined talents, they were unable to progress beyond the second semi-final. For the second year in a row however, Lozano was voted Best Singer by pop magazine Backstage.

In May 2014, Lozano did an Australian tour. A month later, he released a new single, “Mandarina”. The song reached the #1 spot at the Mac Hit list. At the Mars Awards the song won prizes for Song Of The Year and the public vote. The follow up of the song, “Kako Tebe Nema Druga” came in June 2015

A video of the song “Zena Kako Ti” was released in June 2016, followed by “Bonbona” a month later. That song won a prize at Mars 2016. It was awarded Radio Pop Hit of 2016. A year later, it was in summer again, in July, that new music was released: a single and a video titled “Ova leto ke se pamti”. The song won no less than 3 awards at Mars 2017: Absolute Radio Hit, Best Song of 2017 and Best Lyrics.

His new song “Kilometri” was released in March 2018. Within 2 months, the song had 1.000.000 views on YouTube. The song was followed by “Jako Jako” in July, a song that even reached 3 million views in a short time. The song was voted song of the Year 2018, while Lozano was voted Singer Of The Year. In November, the song “Nadez” was released. In January 2019, a new album appeared: “Deset”, Lozano’s 3rd album. For the song “Kilometri”, Lozano won an Oskar Popularnosti in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Deset” was awarded Album of the Year by magazine Story.

In March 2019, a new song, “Majko” was released, including video. Among his performances, shows in Bern, Switzerland were included. Also, on 23 March 2019, Lozano was able to perform in the VIP Arena in Skopje. In August, “Ne te vadem op pamet” was his new song and video. In November, he was voted Man Of The Year by Maz Na Godinata. The song “Majko” was awarded a Mac Music Award. Unfortunately, a planned tour through the USA and Canada had to be cancelled due to COVID19.

In January 2021 Lozano released a song, “Adugar”, for the children’s tv show Dajte Muzika. In April, he released an own new single called “Vardare”. A year later, “Posle ponokj” was released, followed in June by “Me nervinas”.



Pred Da Se Razdeni (& Esma Redžepova)

🇲🇰 North Macedonia



Magdalena Cvetkovska

Darko Dimitrov
Lazar Cvetkovski
Simeon Atanasov

Eleonora Mustafovska
Nina Yaneva

Results Semi

Points: 28
Position: 16
Running order: 13

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –