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Lord Of The Lost

© EBU/Corinne Cumming


Quick Facts

Chris “Lord” Harms
Class Grenayde
Gared Dirge
Niklas Kahl


🇩🇪 German

National Selection
Unser Lied für Liverpool 2023

In Eurovision
2023 Liverpool

Blood and glitter (2023)


Lord of the Lost is a German dark rock band from Hamburg led by singer and frontman Chris Harms.

Lord of the Lost was founded by Chris Harms in mid-2007. Harms was previously active as a singer and guitarist in the rock band Philiae from 1999 to 2004 and from 2004 as a guitarist and second singer in the glam metal band The Pleasures. Originally he just called himself Lord. Musician friends quickly joined and a band developed from the planned solo project. To avoid possible name disputes with Lordi and The Lords, the band renamed themselves Lord of the Lost.

After a single, “Dry the Rain”, the debut album “Fears” was released in spring 2010. During the recordings of the second album, Lord of the Lost went on an extensive tour in 2010.

In spring 2011, the first single from the second album “Antagony” was released, titled “Sex on Legs”. In addition, the band opened for Mono Inc. on their first part of their tour. In summer 2012 the third album, “Die Tomorrow”, was released. Shortly before the release, the band already started working on the fourth album. In October 2012, Lord of the Lost opened for The Last Instance on their Ewig tour. In spring 2013 the co-headlining tour Darkness Kills (along with Unzucht) took place, followed in September by the We Are the Lost tour together with Lost Area.

In February 2014, drummer Christian Schellhorn left the band. Tobias Mertens took his place. In March 2014, the band embarked on their first crowdfunded tour of the United States. In two months, fans and sponsors raised $12,775, surpassing the previous goal of $10,000.

In March 2015, Lord of the Lost released a new album: “Swan Songs”. In 2015 Lord of the Lost released the EP “Full Metal Whore”. The tour for the album was themed Make Love Make War. In December 2015, “A Night to Remember – Live Acoustic in Hamburg”, the DVD and live CD for the spring acoustic tour, was released.

The first single from the album “Empyrean” was titled “The Love of God”. It was released in May 2016. This was followed by the band’s first major European tour, Make Europe Great Again (M.E.G.A.). “Empyrean” was released in late July 2016 and is the second concept album after “Antagony”. Various festival appearances followed

In December 2016, guitarist Bo Six announced his departure from the band for professional and personal reasons. At the beginning of January 2017 the band presented their new guitarist with π (Pi).

In July 2017, Mertens announced that he would be taking a break from Lord of the Lost for personal and professional reasons. Since then, Niklas Kahl has represented him at live performances. At Christmas 2017, the line-up change was complete and Kahl was officially presented as the new drummer.

In March 2020, a ZDF documentary was released, which accompanied the band and the senior choir Heaven Can Wait from Hamburg while recording a song together. After Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris praised the band in the British version of the magazine Metal Hammer, Lord of the Lost should appear as a support act for some shows of their tour in summer 2020. Due to COVID19, the tour had to be postponed repeatedly. In 2022 it was realized and resulted in 18 support shows in 16 countries.

With the song “Blood and Glitter”, Lord of the won Unser Lied für Liverpool, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. As the German representatives, they were able to meet the British king Charles III and queen Camilla. Unfortunately, they ended up in last place in the Grand Final of Eurovision.


Blood & Glitter

🇩🇪 Germany



Anthony James Brown
Chris “Lord” Harms
Rupert Keplinger
Pi Stoffers

Anthony James Brown
Chris “Lord” Harms
Rupert Keplinger
Pi Stoffers


Results Semi

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –

Results Finals

Points: 18
Position: 26
Running order: 21