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Eye Cue

© EBU/Thomas Hanses


Quick Facts

Marija Ivanovska
Bojan Tajkovski


🇲🇰 North Macedonian

National Selection
Internal selection 2018

In Eurovision
2018 Lisbon

Lost and found (2018)


Bojan Trajkovski and Marija Ivanovska formed the duo Eye Cue in 2008. They started working together in 2007. Their first single “Magija” was released in May 2008, and became a major success. Five months later, their second single “Superstar Wannabe” was released, followed by an album with the same name. In june 2009, they had a promotion tour for this album, and a new single: “Glowing lips”. In 2010 they topped the charts with the song “Not this time”, which even reached the top 20 of most popular videos in 2010 on MTV Adria.

They have been a part of major festivals in North Macedonia and the region. In December 2011, the  song “Ne zaboravaj”, was released. “Ista pateka”  reached the chart’s number 2. 
2013 was a big success for the band as they had two major hits with the songs “Son” and “Bobi bas mi e gajle”. “Son” climbed no. 4 and “Bobi bas mi e gajle” no.9 on the MTV Chart.
In 2014, the duo won SkopjeFest with the song “Ubava”. Normally, this was the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest but not that year. 

In 2018, the band represented North Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Lost and found”. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to reach the final. In December 2018, the band released their third album “Sepak mie za bavno”.
In 2019, they released no less than five new singles. In the same year, they performed at Eurovision Parties in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia.
In 2020, they released a new single in Macedonian, called “Kolku dobro te znam”. In November of the same year, they released a music video for the song “Trepet”, together with Sarah Mejs.


Lost and found

🇲🇰 North Macedonia



Bojan Trajkovski

Bojan Trajkovski
Darko Dimitrov

Valery Dimovska
Antonia Gigovska
Dina Jashari
Ivo Mitkovski

Results Semi

Points: 24
Position: 18
Running order: 11

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –