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Pasha Parfeny


Quick Facts

Pavel Parfeni

31 May 1986

🇲🇩 Moldovan

National Selection
Etapa națională 2023
Finala națională 2020
O melodie pentru Europa 2012
O melodie pentru Europa 2011
O melodie pentru Europa 2010
O melodie pentru Europa 2009 (with Sunstroke Project)
Pentru Eurovision 2007

In Eurovision
2023 Liverpool
2012 Baku

Soarele şi luna (2023)
Lăutar (2012)


Pavel Parfeni (born in Orhei, Moldova), known by the stage name Pasha Parfeni or Pasha Parfeny, is a Moldovan pop music singer, former member of the SunStroke Project band.

Thanks to his parents, Pavel was surrounded by music as a young child. At the age of 7, he is already a student at the music school in Orhei, specializing in piano. In 2002 he submitted his papers to the music college in Tiraspol, jazz section. The studies and experience gained in this institution allow him to discover his talent as an interpreter.

In 2003, Pavel won the Grand Prix at the contest  at the Vocile Transnistriei. In 2006, he continues his musical studies at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, where he tries out the position of composer. Interpreting his own creation at competition at Stelele Elatului, he obtained the 3rd Prize. Parallel to his studies, Pavel also participated as a performer in a rock music collective. In 2007, he became a member of the Pop Song Theatre, which belongs to the Elat Cultural Center. Also in 2007, he won First Place at the Duetul Anului and Argintul Iantrei, both in Bulgaria.

In 2009, as a vocalist of the SunStroke Project, he participated in the national preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “No Crime”. The song became 3rd.

Pavel won the Grand Prize at the International Festival George Grigoriu. He also took first place at the International Music Festival Slaveanski Bazar in Vitebsk, Belarus,  in the summer of 2009. In September of the same year, Pasha Parfeny participated in the international festival Cerbul de Aur in Brașov. He won the Mamaia Festival. He performed Andrei Tudor’s song “Tu nu vezi cerul”. In late fall 2010, Pavel Parfeni’s contract expired and he left the SunStroke Project.

In 2010, Pavel Parfeny wanted to participate in the Eurovision preselection in Romania. But, because he does not have Romanian citizenship, he couldn’t. But he participated with the song “You Should Like” at the national preselection in Moldova. He placed in the 2nd,

On March 11, 2012, Pasha Parfeni won the national selection for Eurovision 2012 with the song “Lăutar” and represented the Republic of Moldova in Baku.

For the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Parfeny co-composed the song “A Million” for Aliona Moon. The song won and represented Moldova in the contest, with Parfeny accompanying Moon on stage at the piano. It became 11th in the final. In 2015, he composed the song “Maricica” for DoReDoS, which placed 6th  in the Moldovan national selection.

In 2020, Pasha competed in the Moldovan national selection again with the song, “My Wine” composed in collaboration with Vica Demici. This time he finished second.

In 2023, he represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest again. With the song “Soarele şi luna” he reached the final. He got an 18th place in the overall ranking. In September of the same year, he lead the camp Moldova Are Voce. In the same month he performed in Montreal. On the 1st of October he was able to perform in the Bizz’ Art club in Paris. After that, he released the song “Fetele”.


Soarele şi luna

🇲🇩 Moldova



Iuliana Parfeni

Pasha Parfeny
Andrei Vulpe

Adelina Iordichai
Valeria Pasha
Sergiu Borş
Marius Baltaga
Andrei Vulpe

Results Semi

Points: 109
Position: 5
Running order: 10

Results Finals

Points: 96
Position: 18
Running order: 18


🇲🇩 Moldova



Pasha Parfeni

Pasha Parfeni
Alex Brașoveanu


Aliona Moon
Tatiana Heghea
Ksyusha Vertelnikova
Julia Gakhova
Lera Kirichenko


Results Semi

Points: 100
Position: 5
Running order: 17

Results Finals

Points: 81
Position: 11
Running order: 26