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Ukraine, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway and Iceland

No less than five countries start or continue with their national selections!

To start with Ukraine. It will be at 18.00 CET and you can watch it here. There are 8 songs, three of which will head to the final. The songs will be judged by televoters and a jury, consisting of Andriy Danilko, Tina Karol and Vitaliy Drozdov. The participants of tonight are:

  • [O], “Tam kudy ya ydu”
  • Jerry Heil, “Vegan”
  • Katya Chilly, “Pitch”
  • Krutь, “99”
  • Go-A, “Solovey”
  • Cloudless, “Drown me down”
  • Gio, “Feeling so lost”
  • Assol, “Save it”

Norway will have it’s last semifinal. There will be duels again, and one song will head to the final. It will start at 19:50 and can be watched here:

  • Elin & The Woods, “We are as one”
  • Jenny Jenssen, “Mr. Hello”
  • Kevin Boine, “Stem på mæ”
  • Liza Vassilieva, “I am gay”

Lithuania has it’s second semifinal. After tonight, the full line up of the final is known. The show starts at 20:00 CET and can be watched here and here. We will see:

  • Meandi, “DRIP”
  • Petunija, “Show ya”
  • Germanas Skoris, “Chemistry (Breaking Free)”
  • Moniqué, “Make me human”
  • Rokas Povilijus, “Vilnius calling”
  • Monika Marija, “If I leave”
  • Andy Vaic, “Why why why”
  • The Backs, “Fully”

The second semifinal of Melodifestivalen will also be on and can be watched at 20:00 here. The contestants are:

  • Klara Hammarström, “Nobody”
  • Jan Johansen, “Miraklernas tid”
  • Dotter, “Bulletproof”
  • Méndez featuring Álvaro Estrela, “Vamos amigos”
  • Linda Bengtzing, “Alla mina songer”
  • Paul Rey, “Talking in my sleep”
  • Anna Bergendahl, “Kingdom come”

Two former Eurovision participants will enter the stage: Anna Bergendahl and Jan Johansen. The latter replaces Thorsten Flinck, who was disqualified. Dotter participated before in 2018. Méndez was present in 2002, 2003 and 2018. Linda Bengtzing was there in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2016. Paul Rey took part last year.

The last one of the semifinals starts on 20:45 and can be watched here. It will be the Icelandic one. The songs will all be sung in Icelandic:

  • Brynja Mary, “Augun þín”
  • DIMMA, “Almyrkvi”
  • Elísabet, “”Elta þig”
  • Ísold & Helga, “Klukkan tifar”
  • Kid Isak, “Ævintýri”



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