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Songs about Eurovision

It is very common in the Eurovision Song Contest to sing about love or about peace. But did you know there are also songs about…. Eurovision!? Yes, about Eurovision!

The first time this happened, was in 1980, just as the upcoming year, it was in the Netherlands. The Belgian trio Telex sang a song that was entitled “Eurovision”. The entire refrain was filled with the word “Eurovision”. Beautiful ladies, beautiful gentlemen, music on the programme. Singers get ready, may the best win! That was the message Telex brought. It ended up in 17th place, but not before Telex-singer Michel Moers took a picture of the audience.

In 2006 it was Lithuania that came up with a song about the contest itself. The band LT United proudly announced “We are the winners of Eurovision”. They asked the audience to vote for the winners, and the audience did! Unfortunately for them, it was not Lithuania they voted for but the Finnish band Lordi. However, LT United ended up in 6th place, which is up until now the best score ever for Lithuania.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Icelandic entry of that same year…. their entrant Silvia Night congratulated the Eurovision nation with her presence. The audience was nót amused and Silvia did not reach the final.


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