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Malmö Messages: From Norwegian mystique to Joosts mystery

The Norwegian group Gåte also had their second rehearsal this afternoon. The posted photos underline again what we have already seen from this band. In an environment that would not be out of place in a book by Stephen King or Thomas Olde Heuvelt (read his Hex, it fits perfectly), singer Gunnhild Sundli is performing the song Ulveham. The band members are a short distance away. Currently, the Norwegians are 11th with the bookmakers.

EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

And finally, for the Netherlands, Joost Klein. Even at the previous rehearsal, the rumor mill was churning: this would not be it. Influencer Appie Mussa is still in his bird suit, but those who look closely at today’s photos cannot miss it: they emit none of the energy we know from Joost, and certainly not what fits with “Europapa.” There should not be much deviation from the final act anymore. But that Joost is not showing his true intentions to the public will surprise no one. Currently, Joost is 5th with the bookmakers.

EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett



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